magnetic gel polish

Modern manicure technologies do not stand still, and every day they surprise us with amazing new products. Among them is a magnetic gel polish, which has already won the favor of both masters and visitors to beauty salons. This cosmetic product allows you to create a unique and inimitable manicure with pronounced moving highlights on the surface of the nails.

What is a gel polish with a magnetic effect?

The described tool differs from the usual gel polish in that microscopic metal particles are evenly dispersed in its bulk. Naturally, when a magnet is brought to it, the metal dust will rise and be distributed on the surface of the nail plate according to the lines created by the magnetic field.

It is worth noting that the final pattern and design of the manicure depends on the shape of the magnet used.

The technology of using magnetic gel polish

To date, the most trendy version of the described nail design is the “cat’s eye”. It looks like a natural chrysoberyl stone, it glares beautifully at different angles of inclination.

Here’s how to apply magnetic gel polish for a cat-eye effect:

  1. Prepare nails – file, degrease, apply a bonder.
  2. how to apply magnetic gel polish 1

  3. Dry the coating in an ultraviolet lamp.
  4. how to apply magnetic gel polish 2

  5. Apply gel polish in one layer.
  6. how to apply magnetic gel polish 3

  7. Without placing the nail in the lamp, bring a rare earth magnet as close as possible to its surface.
  8. how to apply magnetic gel polish 4

  9. Move it from right to left and vice versa for 30 seconds until a noticeable chrysoberyl highlight appears.
  10. how to apply magnetic gel polish 5

  11. Dry the gel polish in a UV lamp.
  12. how to apply magnetic gel polish 6

  13. Coat the manicure with a fixative and dry again.
  14. how to apply magnetic gel polish 7

  15. With a cotton pad soaked in alcohol, wipe the surface of the nails, removing the residual sticky layer. Repeat the above steps for the remaining nail plates.
  16. how to apply magnetic gel polish 8

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in creating a cat-eye manicure. It can be completed with small Swarovski crystals using a magnetic gel polish pencil. Pebbles should be placed along the cuticle line or along the edge of the nail.