Lumineers for teeth

The dream of having a charming and snow-white smile without having to endure painful procedures in the dentist’s office is quite feasible. You just need to ask the doctor to install Lumineers on your teeth. These are plates that are glued to the outer surface of the dentition in the same way as veneers. However, they are much thinner, only 0.2 mm (like contact lenses), so no pre-turning of the enamel is required.

Teeth alignment with Lumineers

One of the main indications for the installation of Hollywood veneers, as the ceramic plates in question are also called, is the curvature of the dentition. With the help of these devices, you can hide such defects, lengthen your teeth, make them wider and smoother, and give them an ideal shape.

To achieve your goals, it is important to correctly make Lumineers for crooked teeth. Therefore, the entire transformation process takes about a month, during which the patient needs to visit the dentist 3 times:

  • removal of the impression;
  • fitting US-made ceramic onlays;
  • gluing lumineers.

Absolutely all the described plates are made using a patented technology from special Serinate ceramics.

Installation of lumineers on the front teeth with diastemas and tremas

Gaps between teeth are a common problem that makes many people embarrassed to smile. Ultra-thin overlays are able to solve it instantly and painlessly.

With the help of lumineers, it is easy to hide both diastemas and tremas, since the use of a ceramic plate allows you to make your teeth wider and hide unaesthetic gaps.

In addition, the linings in question are used to eliminate:

  • traces of restoration;
  • cracks;
  • old and poorly made fillings;
  • chips;
  • fragments;
  • violations of the integrity of the enamel.

Teeth whitening with lumineers

teeth alignment with lumineers

Finally, the presented technology helps to acquire a snow-white smile. Even high-quality and long-term teeth whitening does not always provide the desired result. For example, this procedure is not able to remove stains and yellowing of the enamel from taking certain antibiotics, the effects of fluorosis (long-term intake of fluorine and its compounds).

Lumineers completely hide such defects, but they themselves do not darken under any influence. Also, ceramic plates serve as an excellent alternative to whitening for lovers of coffee, black tea, red wine, and experienced smokers.