lip piercing

Piercing in many cases favorably emphasizes the features, individuality of the individual. Recently, a piercing of the lip or both has become popular, with the selection of earrings in the form of a ring or a rod made of medical steel. More daring women choose jewelry with artificial or natural stones, bright pendants.

upper lip piercing

There are several types of such piercing:

  1. Monroe – named after the notorious actress, imitates a mole above the lip on the left.
  2. Madonna – similar to the previous view, only the earring is located on the right.
  3. Medusa – a puncture is made in the center of the philtrum, under the nasal septum.

These types of piercing are considered the safest and most painless, since there are no large blood vessels and nerve plexuses in the area where the jewelry is located, which can be damaged.

Puncture along the middle of the lower lip

There are two types of such piercing:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

In the first case, a long bar is used, which is fixed with balls at the ends, the puncture is performed parallel to the lip line.

Vertical piercing is done, as a rule, in the region of the oral frenulum (in the center). The puncture passes either under the lip (the end of the bar is located above the chin) or through soft tissue (the earring comes out of the middle of the lower lip). The considered type of piercing is also called “labret”.

Side piercing of the lower lip

The described way to decorate yourself is classified as follows:

  • standard side lip piercing;
  • symmetry.

The first variety is the most common; the ring around the lip is most often used as an accessory. Beads, pendants with stones and rhinestones are sometimes put on it.

The second type involves 2 symmetrical punctures. The piercing looks very original and unusual; curved banana bars with balls or pointed cones at the ends are used.

Lip piercing at home

The process is easy and simple to complete. All you need is a catheter needle (purchased at a pharmacy), sterile gloves, antiseptic fluid and an earring.

With the help of a purchased needle, it is necessary to quickly and accurately make a through puncture in the selected place and insert a rod or a ring pre-treated with alcohol into the hole. Any manipulations should be carried out with latex gloves to avoid infection of the wound. In the future, it is important to monitor the asepsis of the puncture and its healing.