lip augmentation with vacuum

Plump, bright lips have been a fashion trend for the past few years. Thin lips, according to current fashionistas, look ugly and unsexy, so many young ladies (and not only them) resort to different methods of lip augmentation.

How can you increase the volume of the lips?

There are several ways to add volume to the lips:

  • Plastic surgery;
  • injections of hyaluronic acid, Botox, etc.;
  • special cosmetics that contain herbal ingredients that provide a rush of blood (menthol, cinnamon oil and bitter myrrh, cayenne pepper, etc.);
  • vacuum increase.

Let us dwell in more detail on such a method as lip augmentation using a vacuum. The principle of operation of the vacuum during the procedure is that due to the difference in pressure in the device, blood circulation increases, due to which the lips become fuller and acquire a juicy color. With proper and regular use of the vacuum apparatus, it is possible to achieve 100% lip augmentation.

In addition, lip augmentation suction cup:

  • helps to correct the shape of the mouth;
  • promotes smoothing of small wrinkles in the perioral zone;
  • stimulates the formation of collagen fibers.

Technique of the procedure with a vacuum lip enlarger

Vacuum lip augmentation massager has the following design:

  • a tube with an arc-shaped extension at one end;
  • a pump with a piston, during the movement of which a vacuum is created inside the tube.

The algorithm for the procedure is as follows:

  1. Before using the device, it is necessary to apply hygienic lipstick or a softening and moisturizing cream to the lips. Often, a special lip balm is sold with a vacuum device.
  2. The device is brought to the mouth and pressed as tightly as possible to the skin.
  3. Slowly pull out the piston to create a vacuum inside the tube.
  4. After holding the pump in the extreme position for a few seconds, smoothly return it to its original position.
  5. The procedure is repeated with a time interval of 3-5 seconds.

To obtain a stable result, a vacuum for lip augmentation is recommended to be used according to the following scheme:

  1. The first 2 weeks for 20 sec. twice a day, while the effect of voluminous lips lasts for 12-24 hours.
  2. Next week for 5 sec. 3-5 times a day, the effect retention time increases to 48 hours.
  3. In the future, 1 time per day for 5 seconds, the effect is noticeable for several days.

Consequences of lip augmentation with a vacuum

Vacuum lip augmentation at home has many advantages. The most significant are:

  • noticeable effect immediately after the first session;
  • painlessness of the procedure, in contrast to the injection method;
  • no contraindications, including for allergies.

However, vacuum lip augmentation can sometimes harm the appearance, namely:

  • if the procedure time is exceeded, hematomas may form on the lips and skin around the mouth;
  • with frequent exposure to vacuum, the skin near the lips is stretched, and predvermenny wrinkles are formed.

lip augmentation vacuum

The cost of a vacuum massager for lip augmentation

On the network you can find quite a few offers for those who want to purchase a miracle device. Moreover, the prices for the device, of course, as well as the quality of the goods, vary. The cost of the original Sexylips vacuum massager on the official website of the inventor Cynthia Rolland is approximately $20. Moreover, Chinese counterparts in the Aliexpress online hypermarket are almost half the price. Also in online stores, modified devices are available for sale – suction cups that look like caps. The price of these products is also much less than that of the original counterparts.