Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

For the past few years, plump lips in the style of the beautiful Jolie have not gone out of fashion. Many girls, to whom nature has not presented a gift in the form of such voluminous outlines, do not despair. Professional makeup helps visually enlarge the lips. But the most daring decide on radical methods.

Lip correction with hyaluronic acid

What is lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid? Preparations based on hyaluronic acid are gels, the composition of which is as close as possible to the natural cellular composition of the deep layers of the skin (dermis). The correction itself is carried out by injecting a gel with hyaluronic acid with a thin needle into those places that, according to the specialist, most need to be corrected.

Contour plastic helps:

  • lift the corners of the lips with hyaluronic acid;
  • fill in the possible asymmetry of the lips;
  • increase lip volume.

It is worth noting that an injection into the lips with hyaluronic acid will make it possible to enjoy the result not immediately. After the injection, the volume of the lips is likely to exceed all expectations. This is a normal reaction of the skin and blood vessels to the introduction of the gel. After a couple of days, the excess volume will disappear along with the puffiness.

Contraindications to the procedure

There are few contraindications for this method. Among those:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • hemophilia (insufficient blood clotting);
  • intolerance to the basis of the drug or some of its components;
  • the presence of infection in the correction zone;
  • autoimmune diseases.

Consequences of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Among such currently popular procedures for increasing the volume of the lips, non-surgical ones are the most popular. Injections that replace the operation, it would seem, are completely safe and do not carry any threat to spoil the overall appearance. Is it really?

In most cases, it is hyaluronic acid injections that can replace all other radical methods to correct external imperfections. But there are also a few downsides:

  • soreness of the procedure even when using special anesthetics;
  • the appearance of swelling of the lips in the first 4-5 days after the introduction of the gel;
  • the risk of hematomas in areas of a sharp injection of a large dose of the drug.

However, all these phenomena are temporary, they do not carry any consequences and disappear after a few days.

After lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, some precautions must be observed. They are strongly recommended by doctors to preserve the primary result of lip contouring with hyaluronic acid. So, after the procedure is not recommended:

  • use any cosmetics on the correction sites for the next 24 hours;
  • during the week, take a hot shower, bath, take a trip to the sauna, swimming pool, solarium;
  • in the next 8 days, stay in the zone of active sunlight for a long time.

Aesthetics of the question

An excellent alternative to plastic surgery is the injection of hyaluronic acid into the lips, the consequences of which do not cause any concern. But, nevertheless, when putting forward your requirements to the doctor for the shape and volume of the lips, it is worth considering some points in which the general appearance of the face Lip injection with hyaluronic acidmay not always be able to harmonize with such a desired lip size.

You need to pay attention to the length of the tip of the nose, the size of the nasolabial space, as well as the incision and size of the eyes. If the above parameters are too small, large voluminous lips will not look very natural and beautiful.

After carefully examining oneself in the mirror and measuring all the parameters, perhaps someone will come to the conclusion that correction is not needed at all. All doubts will be dispelled by an experienced specialist who will assess the appearance as a whole with a professional look.