Lip Augmentation Pump

Many of the fair sex consider their lips not beautiful enough, plump and sexy. Correcting certain deficiencies is not always possible. Plastic surgery is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Injections are also not suitable for everyone due to the painful sensations of the procedure and certain contraindications.

Special means to achieve a certain volume of the lips give only a short-term result. In addition, they have side effects and for some girls are allergenic. And more recently, one could say that the methods of lip augmentation are over. It’s recent, but not now. Among modern innovative means, a vacuum pump for lip augmentation stands out. It is absolutely safe and easy to use device.

What is a lip pump?

The lip volume pump is a fairly simple device that, thanks to its small size, you can always carry with you in your purse or clutch. And even if the invitation to a party or a date came unexpectedly, in a matter of seconds you can increase the volume of your lips, being anywhere.

The effect lasts for about 6 hours, so that during the entire event, the lips will look chic. Do-it-yourself lip augmentation pump is available to every woman. Its price is absolutely affordable.

Pump Benefits

Home lip augmentation with a pump (plumper) has the following advantages:

  • beautiful appearance of the accessory;
  • affordable price;
  • the ability to perform the procedure at any time;
  • natural lip effect after use;
  • speed of achieving results;
  • the duration of the effect is about 6 hours;
  • product compactness.

Vacuum pump for lip augmentation Fullips Medium Oval

The most popular and sought-after device for giving volume to the lips can be considered Fullips Medium Oval. A fixture like the Fullips Medium Oval is great for even the most sensitive and delicate lips. After the procedure, a natural and natural appearance of plump lips is obtained. Unlike filling with silicone, sponges retain their natural softness and elasticity after vacuum exposure.

How does a lip pump work? The action algorithm is quite simple:

  1. Cleanse lips from cosmetics.
  2. Attach the device to your lips.
  3. Draw air out of the mold.
  4. Hold the fixture for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Apply lipstick or gloss.

If the result of the increase in volume did not satisfy, then you can repeat all the steps.

Miracle Pump Sexy Lips

This device was developed by American Cynthia Rolland. Unlike the previous device, this product does not require girls to draw in air. Everything happens by itself thanks to the piston. When it moves, a vacuum is created inside the structure, which allows an effective rush of blood to increase the sponges in volume.

It is important to know how to use the Sexy Lips pump. First you need to apply a cream or balm. Next, press the device to the skin and gently pull vacuum pump for lip augmentationthe piston, which must be held for 3 seconds and then returned to its original position. This action is recommended to be performed at least 3 times.

Do not get involved in the active use of the device in the early days. Only after two weeks it will be possible to increase the exposure time from 3 seconds to 10-20. The effect of the procedure will last for about a day.

If you regularly use the device, then after the third week, when using the pump for only about 25 seconds a day, the effect will last up to three days. Lip augmentation with a pump is a modern and innovative method.