light makeup

Every girl is naturally beautiful in her own way. Beautiful and velvety skin, bright and perky look always attract attention. But with the help of cosmetics, you can give your face freshness and emphasize all the advantages. But in the modern cosmetics market there are so many different makeup products that sometimes you get lost. Everyday light makeup involves the most natural tones and a minimum of bright colors. How to make a light makeup so that it looks discreet and at the same time makes the image brighter?

How to apply light makeup?

Light makeup should emphasize your strengths a little, to a lesser extent hide flaws. Properly chosen shades of makeup will make your style unique, and makeup is really winning.

The name itself dictates some rules for applying makeup. Light natural makeup should only slightly enliven the face and make its features clearer. In this case, everything should look natural.

So, let’s look at a few tips on how to do light makeup:

  • Take care of your skin first. Natural makeup involves minimal use of tonal and masking agents, which means that the result directly depends on the condition of the skin.
  • To give the skin a matte finish or even out its tone, you can use loose powder. This is the main factor that will affect the appearance and quality of makeup. Apply powder or foundation to well-moisturized skin. You need to apply a thin layer, try to avoid “spots”.
  • The next step is blush. This is not so easy to do. Most often, the hand itself reaches out to impose a little more color than necessary. An important point: you need to apply blush not on the cheeks, but on the cheekbones. Not every girl knows this. This is what helps to make the face more sculpted, and the appearance more fresh. Blush should be applied with a special brush, the color should be selected as natural as possible.
  • The most interesting moment is light eye makeup. To apply light eye makeup, try to use only light and natural eyeshadow colors. Be sure to ensure that the shadows in the process of application do not crumble on the skin under the eyes. To avoid “dirt” in the work, you can resort to a little trick. Before you start doing eye makeup, apply a thick layer of loose powder under your eyes. When the shadows begin to crumble a little, they will fall on the powder. After completion, the powder must be gently brushed off with a brush, then the shadows will definitely not stain the skin.
  • For light makeup, try to use brown or gray-black mascara. Charcoal black color is better to leave how to do light makeupfor evening makeup. This applies to both eyeliner and eyeliner. Clear and dark lines are best left for the evening.
  • Making up the right lips is no less important. First of all, always keep your lip pencil clean and sharpen it before use. This is necessary both for the clarity of lines and for hygiene purposes. After contouring with a brush, apply lipstick to the lips. Attach a tissue and powder your lips through it. Apply a second coat of lipstick. This technique will make the color deeper and make-up resistant.
  • Light make-up for school is a special art. It is for the mother that this task should be one of the main ones. In adolescence, girls always want to stand out and look older than their years. Mom’s task is to become, first of all, a friend and teach how to do makeup correctly. Often everything is decided by a simple ban with tears and reproaches. This can be avoided if the girl is taught to take care of her skin from an early age and gradually develops a sense of taste and proportion.