Latin inscriptions for tattoos

Who hasn’t thought about getting a tattoo at least once in their life? It seems that this thought visited everyone. Someone, having burned out, leaves this idea, but many bring the work they have begun to the end. Often the first female tattoo is small.

Inscriptions in Latin for tattoos are the most common first experience. Not many dare to rush right off the bat and fill themselves with a large-scale drawing with a deep meaning, but a compact and inconspicuous inscription for a start is what you need. In the end, after a while, a small tattoo can be turned into a real work of art. But that will be later, but for now…

Tattoo with inscriptions in Latin

Although Latin is considered a dead language, it is alive and well in tattoos to this day. Latin is in some way a unique language, it manages to successfully combine deep meaning and brevity. Simply put, even the shortest inscriptions in Latin for a tattoo can mean something very complex and important.

All tattoos are very symbolic, and the first one is also the most responsible, so most often the deepest meaning is invested in it. Many girls choose Latin inscriptions for tattoos, denoting the name of loved ones and relatives or some symbolic dates. Do not fill the name of your beloved in Russian, and it looks rather ambiguous, but in Latin the tattoo will look mysterious and beautiful, and even become very symbolic.

The main thing is to correctly translate the inscription for the tattoo into Latin, otherwise the whole essence of the tattoo will be lost (of course, most of your friends will take your word for it, but it is possible that you will be surrounded by those who know the language). It is best to entrust the translation to qualified professionals in the agency or, in extreme cases, in reputable linguistic forums. The specialists here will do an excellent job of translating a single word, as well as a whole passage of text, if necessary.

Popular tattoo inscriptions in Latin

There are a lot of popular expressions suitable for tattoos in Latin. Here are just a few of the most popular phrases with translations:

  1. Amantes sunt amentes, which translates as Lovers are mad.
  2. Amor omnia vincit – Love conquers all – this seems to be the perfect tattoo idea for girls, a beautiful and very romantic phrase in Latin.
  3. Facta sunt potentiora – Actions are stronger than words.
  4. In aeternum – Forever, forever.
  5. Meliora spero – I hope for the best.
  6. Odi et Amo – I hate and love.
  7. Actum ne agas – What is over, do not return to that.
  8. Dum spiro, spero! – While I breathe I hope!
  9. Dum spiro, amo atque credo – While I breathe, I love and believe.
  10. Ab altero expectes, alteri quod feceris – Expect from another what you yourself did to another.
  11. Fugit irrevocabile tempus – Irrevocable time runs.
  12. Gustus legibus non subiacet – Taste is not subject to laws.

In addition, you can translate your favorite quote into Latin. It will sound no worse than already established expressions.