laser lipoma removal

Lipoma – a benign formation, which is the growth of adipose tissue. Small tumors can appear anywhere on the body. The main problem of the disease is that neoplasms are constantly increasing in size. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the lipoma with a laser, surgical method or any other. In addition, sometimes the formation can develop into a malignant tumor.

Lipoma laser treatment

The most common places where a lipoma appears are the head, neck and back. Sometimes it can be internal organs.

The method consists in using a laser as a scalpel. An incision is created through which the formation itself will be removed. In addition, through a small hole, all products that lead to inflammation or the re-formation of the disease are cleaned. The laser instantly stops bleeding by “soldering” small vessels. This makes it possible to prevent the occurrence of severe hematoma and healing problems in the future.

Removal of a lipoma on the back with a laser

This procedure is applicable to operations on any part of the body. And the back is no exception. The procedure consists in preliminary anesthesia of the problem area. After that, an incision is made with a laser. The wound is cleaned and disinfected. In the case of a large formation, it is sutured and an additional healing gel is applied.

Removal of a lipoma on the head with a laser

The complexity of the procedure lies in the fact that it is first necessary to choose the operated site in order to avoid complications in the future. In addition, the specialist takes full responsibility for the operation and the consequences of removing the lipoma on the head, as he does it in close proximity to the brain.

Laser treatment of kidney lipoma

To carry out the procedure, a small incision is first made, allowing the specialist to comfortably carry out all the manipulations. After the operation, if necessary, sutures are placed on the internal organ and the external incision is sutured. Using this method avoids internal bleeding, which can lead to serious complications.