is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium without cream

By visiting the solarium, you can get an even and incredibly beautiful tan. During the procedure, you need to wear goggles and use stikini for the chest and moles. But is it possible to sunbathe in a solarium without a cream? After all, sometimes you don’t want to use another cosmetic product at all. Cream must be used!

What is sunscreen cream for?

Many women are sure that in a solarium you can sunbathe without a cream and the tan will be even and persistent. Of course, the bronze shade can really turn out beautiful without the use of cosmetics. But to provide your skin with intense hydration and protect it from ultraviolet radiation will not work without the use of a cream.

Do you have regular lotion with SPF protection? Is it possible to do without a special cream in the solarium? Some sunscreens are universal. But most of them are designed for outdoor use. They contain a lot more fat. This can lead to damage to the solarium equipment and uneven tanning. The composition of special cosmetics for the solarium contains tyrosine, which stimulates the production of melanin, and antioxidants. Due to this, after using the cream, the skin:

  • quickly acquires a dark shade under the influence of UV rays;
  • protected from various effects of long-term exposure to UV radiation (including premature aging);
  • retains elasticity, does not crack and does not peel off;
  • keeps the tan longer.

Which tanning cream to choose?

If you want to shorten your time in the tanning equipment, bronzer cream is the way to go. In this tool there are substances that almost instantly give the skin an even bronze tint. Some bronzer creams contain substances that cool the skin. is it possible to go to the solarium without creamSuch funds should definitely be bought by those who do not want to feel an increase in the temperature of the skin during the session. Such creams are recommended to be applied only on the body.

Do you have very sensitive skin prone to allergies? Is it possible to go to the solarium without cream or apply it quite a bit? In the solarium, the skin is intensely affected by UV rays and a powerful conditioner, so a cream is indispensable. But it is necessary to abandon various products with dyes, bronzers, fragrances and ingredients that cool the skin or stimulate blood circulation. They may contain only tyrosine or other substances that accelerate tanning.