Is it possible to smear the face with hand cream, and what can this lead to?

At first glance, creams are no different. Each version of the product for hands, face and feet is designed to soften the skin and give it its former youth. So why not take advantage and apply the cream on your face, because it moisturizes the skin and cares for the palms so smartly? Let’s see together why it is necessary to use different care products for different parts of the body.

Is hand cream suitable for face?

The skin of the hands and face has a different composition and structure. Hands constantly need to be moisturized and protected because they are exposed to harsh household cleaners every day. The skin of the hands has neither sebaceous nor sweat glands, and its texture is rougher and tougher. The face is not exposed to constant stress loads of the external environment, but it experiences mimic activity and needs gentle care. Hand cream can be used for the face only when its composition is as close as possible to the composition of the face product.

Hand and face cream – the difference

Creams have two main functions – softening and protection. All other promises of manufacturers are a marketing ploy. If you compare the composition of creams that have a moisturizing, brightening or anti-aging effect with creams that do not promise such an effect, you will understand that they are the same. The difference between hand creams is that they often contain a large amount of glycerin and fragrances, and in bleaching you can find hydroquinone, which has long been banned in a number of countries around the world.

What if you smear your face with a hand cream that contains a lot of glycerin? The delicate surface of the skin on the face will dry out, and when the skin is deprived of fluid, it will quickly begin to fade and become covered with wrinkles. The skin of the face is thin and sensitive, so the question of whether it is possible to smear the face with hand cream is not at all appropriate here. If you do not feel sorry for your face, and you do not want to stay young and beautiful for a long time, then you should use hand cream in your face skin care.

hand and face cream difference

Why can’t you use hand cream on your face?

Hand cream on the face can not be applied for several reasons:

  1. The skin on the hands and face has varying degrees of sensitivity. The skin on the hands is rougher and more resilient, there are practically no sweat, sebaceous glands on it, and it is in daily contact with chemicals and water in large quantities.
  2. The skin of the face has many sweat glands and sebaceous glands, it is thin and delicate. Skin cells on the face are renewed faster and clogged with improper care. Facial skin is divided into the following types: oily, combination and dry. In each case, appropriate care is required.
  3. Hand sanitizers are harmful to the skin. The glycerin contained in the cream dries out the thin skin of the face. If the skin on the face is oily, then the use of hand sanitizer can clog pores and lead to acne and pimples.
  4. Creams contain a large number of synthetic components. The sensitive epidermis of the face simply cannot withstand such an attack and reacts with appropriate swelling or rashes. Is it possible to smear the face with hand cream – the answer is definitely: no! Very often, such experiments end with severe allergies.

Which cream is suitable for hands and face?

Universal cream – the solution to all problems. One tool is designed to care for the skin of various parts of the body, as the manufacturers of miracle creams say. But in fact, it is important to understand that there is no tool that can solve all problems at the same time. The face requires rejuvenation, hydration, nutrition and vitaminization. While hands require protection from harmful effects and mitigation.

The answer to the question – is it possible to smear the face with hand cream? All cosmetologists unanimously repeat that it is impossible to do this!

A revitalizing face & hand cream

Cream regenerating for hands and face is designed to:

  • protect the skin from harmful effects;
  • saturate the cells with moisture;
  • heal microcracks;
  • increase the barrier properties of the skin;
  • prevent dehydration;
  • inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

what cream is suitable for hands and face

Protective hand and face cream

Cream for hands and face must be chosen carefully, based on the properties of the product and the type of protective components:

  1. Silicone cream. Silicone allows you to cover the skin with a protective film through which chemicals cannot penetrate. It is recommended to use the product before contact with the cleaning components.
  2. hydrophilic cream. Provides maximum protection against caustic substances: paint, varnish, solvents, petroleum products and resins. The cream is washed off with ordinary soap.
  3. hydrophobic cream. It is used only during repair work using acid solutions, alkalis, salts and disinfectants. Is it possible to anoint the face with hand cream – no, it is not recommended to apply it on the face.
  4. Professional cream with protective properties. It contains products that can create a protective film on the skin that allows air to pass through, which helps to leave the skin untouched by harmful substances when working with building mixtures, paint and dust. Is it possible to smear the face with a protective series hand cream – no, even such a composition is not acceptable for the skin of the face.

The best hand and face cream

A good hand cream only protects the skin of the hands, it should not be used on the face. Most hand creams work only because they create a film on the skin through which the harmful effects of household chemicals do not pass. If you apply such a product on the skin of the face, the pores will clog, the face will lose the necessary moisture and may react very ambiguously to the product. Very often, after applying the product, acne and allergic rashes form on the face.

Hand and face cream – Armakon

The Armakon company is a Russian manufacturer of a new formation, which claims that hand cream can and should be applied to the face. The ideology of production is based on the concept of ensuring the protection and health of the skin of consumers. The company’s products effectively cope with aggressive external factors and provide care based on the climatic conditions of the Russian Federation.

Armakon offers products with the following features:

  • adding a minimum amount of preservatives hazardous to health;
  • production of hypoallergenic products that meet the requirements of the SAS certificate, Switzerland;
  • development of funds for 5 branded branded complexes.

The company issues funds for:

  • protection from harmful factors;
  • cleansing the skin of pollutants;
  • restoration of the skin and maintaining them in a normal state.

best hand and face cream

Cream for hands and face – Rizavit

Rizavit cream is an excellent regenerating product for the skin of the face and hands. You can apply hand cream to your face when working in adverse weather conditions, when working with harmful chemicals and skin contact with professional stressful situations. The cream perfectly cares, moisturizes and fights skin irritation.

The distinctive positive properties of the cream are:

  • nutrition and maximum skin hydration;
  • stimulation of protective mechanisms against redness and irritation;
  • vitamin complexes A, E and C groups that perfectly soften the skin;
  • skin regeneration due to soybean oil;
  • removal of inflammation, calming effect;
  • the ability to heal microcracks, due to the content of panthenol;
  • The composition does not contain fragrances, parabens, dyes and silicone additives.

Hand and face cream – Velum

Velum is a hand cream that can be applied to the face without risk to health. The cream is able to restore the skin, soothe and soften the skin. The agent is often used in difficult working conditions, at low temperatures, wind, cold and in contact with pollutants. The cream is produced by Armakon and is part of the Regeneration line.

The composition of the product includes the following components:

  1. Vitamin E. Promotes cell regeneration and protection against oxidation.
  2. Allantoin. A substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria, expanding the pores.
  3. Glycerol. Promotes filling of cells with moisture.
  4. Isopril palmate. A substance that can increase the barrier properties of the cellular structure.
  5. Paraffin in liquid pharmacy. Perfectly softening the skin and prevents dehydration.
  6. Pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate. Helps retain moisture, has protective properties, prevents irritation.

revitalizing cream for face and hands

Hand and face cream – Ecoline

Hand cream can be used for the face in the case of Ecoline. Similarly, the manufacturers of the restorative agent claim. Eco Line protects the skin from low temperatures, wind, snow and other adverse environmental conditions. The cream does not contain dyes, parabens and silicone additives, so it can be safely applied to the skin of the face.

The cream has a number of positive properties:

  • absorbs quickly and restores it just as quickly;
  • contains a hypoallergenic fragrance;
  • provides protection against harmful microorganisms;
  • perfectly moisturizes the skin and retains moisture in the cells.