how to style long bangs

Any haircut will look much more spectacular with bangs. A little hairdressing subtlety will give your image completeness, and in addition, it will allow you to add variety to your usual hairstyle. The shape and length of the bangs will be best suggested by a professional hairdresser, thanks to his work you can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, visually become younger and hide imperfections, such as a high forehead or an overly elongated face oval.

How beautiful to lay a long bang?

Bangs require daily attention, because they are the “face” of your hairstyle. Long strands give plenty of room for imagination and experimentation, so you should know how you can change your image by just changing your styling style.

For styling oblique bangs, it is best to use a gel. Such bangs should be smooth and not split into strands, but do not overdo it with the styling product, otherwise the hair will look dirty and you will not achieve the desired effect. Remember that to achieve smoothness when drying your hair, the jet of hot air from the hair dryer must be directed straight down along the strands. Ragged bangs, on the contrary, need careless styling, so it will add a little audacity to you. Use foam or mousse for styling. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, after tousling the bangs with your fingers.

Recently, at the peak of popularity, there is such a way of styling bangs as combing it back. This hairstyle does not take much time, looks elegant and lasts all day. The longer your bangs, the more you can bouffant and thereby add volume. Lift the strands vertically and bouffant from the top side, then smooth the front of the bangs and lay back, securing the ends with a small barrette or bobby pin. Hairspray is perfect for fixing such a hairstyle, it will perfectly retain its shape and volume for the whole day.

How to lay regrown bangs?

If you don’t know how to style an overgrown bang so that it doesn’t get into your eyes, but at the same time looks beautiful, then you can always wind the strands. Thus, you will not only lift the extra length that is already in the way, but also add romance to your image. And if the rest of the hairstyle allows you to get large curls, feel free to arm yourself with curlers or a curling iron. The result can be fixed with varnish, and when winding, use styling products, for example, styling mousse with a high degree of fixation.

how to put bangs back

Owners of long bangs can give themselves a gentle romantic look by braiding braids from long strands. Start braiding from the edge of the bangs and, using only the bottom strands, move in the opposite direction. When you get to your ear, you can pin the braid with a clip, or weave a long section into it and continue braiding in a circle or down the entire length of your hair. This bangs design option is ideal for young ladies with long hair, and besides, it looks elegant and invariably attracts attention.

For those who do not want to spend time styling, various headbands can be a way out. This hairstyle will save you from strands in front of your eyes, give you an elegant look and does not require any time to create. Just comb the bangs back and fix it with a rim.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the daily change of the image, if you know how you can change in five minutes, just by laying the bangs in a different way. Feel free to experiment, use different styling products and then you will certainly appreciate the advantage of a long bang that allows you to change as soon as you want.