how to get rid of redness after sunburn

An even, beautiful tan makes the appearance very attractive. With the onset of summer days, many try to choose the time to stay on the beach so that the skin acquires the desired dark shade. But often the consequence of prolonged exposure to the sun is sunburn, which manifests itself in the form of redness, tightness, pain and heat. The question of how to remove redness after sunburn is especially relevant for owners of a light “European” skin type. We will find out what doctors and cosmetologists think about how to get rid of redness after sunburn.

How to remove redness from the face after sunburn?

Of course, the most important advice of experts: to prevent the formation of skin burns from sunlight. For these purposes, it is recommended to use some kind of product (oil, gel, cream, foam) with a medium or high degree of protection, depending on the expected time spent in the sun and the strength of the natural light skin tone. But if it was not possible to prevent redness, then redness after sunburn will help to eliminate:

  • procedures carried out in beauty salons (photo correction, fruit peeling, laser therapy);
  • peeling at home using professional products based on fruit acids (hyaluronic, malic, etc.);
  • lotions and compresses with citrus and parsley juice, with green tea infusion, as well as fermented milk products (kefir, yogurt);
  • whitening masks containing the pulp of cucumber, pumpkin, ripe strawberries, currants, raspberries, apricots.

How to remove redness on the body after sunburn?

Extensive burns of the body can be removed by applying to the burnt places:

  • gruel of raw potatoes;
  • chilled mashed potatoes mixed with sour cream;
  • scrolled aloe, combined with vegetable oil (preferably olive).

Lubrication of the skin helps to relieve heat, pain and lighten the skin:

  • watermelon juice mixed with cucumber juice;
  • kefir, curdled milk, yogurt or sour cream;
  • diluted vodka or medical alcohol;
  • how to get rid of redness after sunburn

  • vegetable oil, to which sea buckthorn oil is added, which accelerates regeneration processes.

How to quickly remove redness after sunburn?

There are situations when you need to look good by the evening of the day when you got a sunburn. Excellent helpers in this case will be drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy chain: