How to remove gel nails at home

The procedure, which will be discussed later, requires special care and a significant amount of time, both when removing gel nails in the salon and at home.

Features of removing extended gel nails

The main difficulty in removing gel nails is that they cannot be soaked with acetone or another solvent, but only cut off. The second feature in self-removal of nails extended with gel is that the procedure requires extreme caution, since otherwise there is a high risk of seriously damaging the nail plate. You should also be patient: in the salon, the removal of extended nails, depending on the thickness of the nail, can take up to 20 minutes, usually even more at home.

How to remove extended gel nails at home?

For the procedure you will need:

  • tip cutter or nail clippers;
  • a set of files (glass and metal files are not suitable, they will quickly become unusable, emery-based files are best), there should be at least two files (preferably three) with different abrasiveness;
  • polishing nail file (needed after removing the gel from the nail plate);
  • cotton pads and degreasing liquid;
  • mask and dust brushes (this item is optional, but makes the procedure more convenient).

Nail removal is usually done in two steps. First, the protruding part is cut off and the edge of the nail is filed, then the gel is cut off directly from the nail plate.

How to remove gel nails yourself – step by step instructions

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Using tweezers, bite off the protruding length of the nail.
  2. how to remove gel nails 1

  3. File the edge of the nail to the desired length.
  4. how to remove gel nails 2

  5. Using a nail file with a larger grain, start cutting off the gel from the nail plate. This produces a large amount of dust, so it is better to cover your face with a mask or a haze bandage. First, the tip and side edges of the nail are filed, then the central part.
  6. how to remove gel nails 3

  7. When a significant part of the gel is removed, the procedure is continued with a nail file with a smaller grain. You should be careful not to damage your own nail.
  8. how to remove gel nails 4

  9. To check if all the gel has been removed, the nail can be rubbed with nail polish remover. Uncleaned areas will become clearly visible, as the liquid is absorbed differently into the gel and the nail.
  10. how to remove extended nails with gel 5

After the gel layer is completely removed, the nails can be polished with a special nail file and lubricated with special oil.