How to remove bangs

Many owners of bangs have thought more than once about how to diversify their hairstyle: they made tails, braided braids, and twisted a bun, and then one day the moment comes when the girl realizes that it’s time to experiment with the bangs themselves. Let’s try to figure out what can be done with a bang to visually create its absence.

How to remove short bangs?

For owners of short bangs, the question arises of how to remove short bangs if stubborn hairs cannot be fixed with either gel or varnish: of course, the solution is obvious here – if the clamps do not help, then you need to use special hairpins.

Invisibles – thin metal hairpins, more often found in black, so fair-haired girls will have to look for clips of the appropriate tone. Invisibles will help to fix the bangs, combed to the side or back.

bezel – This hair accessory serves not only as a fixative, but also as a decoration. Fortunately, today in stores you can find headbands with a variety of decor: with stones, and with feathers, and with flowers. The headband can be considered the most convenient means for fixing short bangs, as it better hides the protruding ends of pinned hair behind its bulky jewelry.

How to remove straight long bangs?

It is much easier to deal with long and straight bangs than with ragged and short ones: you can make hairstyles that fit short hairs organically.

Comb to the side. Before you properly style your bangs to the side, wash your hair with a conditioner to make your hair manageable. Then make a parting on the right or left, combing the bangs. Dry your hair in a left-to-right direction so that the bangs fit correctly. After that, you can use invisibility for additional fixation.

Curls. This method of styling bangs is more suitable for those who have medium length hair. Using curlers or curling irons, curl your hair, including bangs, which are wound away from you. Then make a chaotic hairstyle, focusing on long hair: this can be done by pinning them up.

Retro. This hairstyle looks beautiful on long hair: wash your hair, comb your bangs to the side, and apply a strong hold gel. After that, take 2-3 clamps, and retreating 1 cm from the hair growth, fix the bangs with one, then retreating another 1 cm with the second clamp, and so on. After that, with your fingers, move the bangs between the clips to the forehead so as to create a wave. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, and the styled bangs are ready.

For busy ladies: how to quickly remove bangs?

The easiest way to fix bangs is to apply gel and varnish. Apply gel to the hair at the roots, then create a ponytail by combing the bangs back. If it is short, use invisibility, but if possible, comb it into the tail: let it be high, but the fallen strands will not bother you for at least 5 hours. After that, apply hairspray to your hair.

Hairstyles with bangs removed

Now let’s look at special hairstyles for bangs disguise:

The image of a sea diva. This hairstyle is quite simple, and shows how you can easily and beautifully remove overgrown bangs: use a diffuser to dry your hair with a hairdryer to get chaotic waves. After that, make a side parting and twist the bangs into a tourniquet, including long side strands. With the help of several invisibles, fix the tourniquet on one side, and on the other, for symmetry, you can also stab your hair, including a strand of bangs.

How to remove overgrown bangs: daring bouffant. Comb the bangs back and make it bouffant. Then align it so that it protrudes a little, then fix the ends of the bangs with invisibility. Comb the rest of your hair into a ponytail, using a bright hairpin to distract attention from the invisible.

Elegant styling. Before you beautifully and elegantly pull back the bangs, wash your hair. Then apply a light hold foam to the roots of your hair, comb your hair and dry it with your head tilted down. After that, with the help of varnish, model the hairstyle by combing the bangs back.

We braid. This is an original way to create the appearance of a lack of bangs. Wash your hair and dry your hair with a styling foam before putting your bangs in the braid. After that, make a side parting and start weaving a spikelet braid, grabbing additional long strands along the way. After bringing the braid to the ear area, take a thin elastic band and fasten it, and on top you can use a small crab with rhinestones to hide the elastic band.