How to enlarge breasts without surgery

Now the Internet is full of promises to talk about how to increase breast size without surgery. So is it really possible to quickly enlarge the chest in this way, and not just anyhow, but by a couple of sizes? Unfortunately, there are no ways to increase breasts at home by several sizes without surgery, otherwise plastic surgery clinics would have gone bankrupt long ago. But it is still possible to get beautiful breasts without surgery, only super results should not be expected. Let’s look at the most common methods.

Creams and gels

They contain phytoestrogens and additives that speed up the metabolism and provide a rush of blood. The chest does increase slightly, but this is not due to its growth, but to swelling. So after stopping the use of these drugs, everything will return to normal.

vacuum massage

With hardware vacuum massage, blood rushes to the chest, causing it to swell. The effect of this procedure lasts 1-3 weeks. To maintain this form, the procedure will have to be repeated. But after such a massage, the breast becomes very sensitive, in some cases, painful. So it is worth conducting it only for making a one-time impression, and not constantly. And it is better to do this procedure in the salon, and not with the help of home devices.


One of the methods of home breast augmentation without surgery is to follow a certain diet. We advise you to eat foods containing phytoestrogens – legumes, cereals, fruits and, of course, cabbage. The effectiveness of this technique has not yet been proven, though there is no harm from it either. Moreover, doctors say that in this way it is possible to influence the growth of the mammary glands only at the time of their formation, so for older ladies, this method will give the body only a general benefit, as from eating plant foods. There is also advice on eating raw dough, yeast and beer. These methods can also help only teenage girls, and then the breasts will increase along with the total body weight. And older women only risk gaining excess weight, without improving the condition of the part of the body for which everything was started. And beer, in principle, is not useful for the female body, since it negatively affects the ability to endure and give birth to a healthy child.

Folk remedies

It is worth asking the question “How to enlarge breasts without surgery?” on the forum, and various tips will immediately fall down with ways to achieve the desired effect, some of which not only do not bring benefits, but also harm. Such recommendations include methods with an iodine grid and mustard plasters. The chest may swell due to the rush of blood, but the burnt skin will not add charm to you. Popular methods of breast augmentation without surgery include advice to drink decoctions of various herbs or rub tinctures based on them into the skin of the breast. It would seem, what harm can life from herbs. Yes, in principle, no, brew your own collected herbs (or bought at a pharmacy), the same as in the composition of pharmacy teas. But they also need to be treated with caution, because taking decoctions of some herbs for long-term use is contraindicated (for example, flaxseed). And there are also quite strange recommendations for preparing tinctures from poisonous plants, for example, hemlock. So folk recipes should be used with great care – health is more expensive.

Methods for breast augmentation without surgery

Physical exercises

If you ask a sports-obsessed person “How to increase breasts without surgery?”, Then you will be urgently recommended to go to the gym. But you can pump up muscles, not mammary glands. So sport is a useful thing for the chest, but without fanaticism. Strengthen, tighten, give a beautiful shape – all this is within the power of sports, but never make the upper body like the bust of Pamela Anderson. If you decide to improve the appearance of the chest (and not increase it by 2 sizes), then push-ups from supports of different heights, an exercise with palms brought together in front of the chest and alternately pressing each other, and exercises with dumbbells will help you.