How to choose the right bra

Choosing the right bra is just as important as choosing the shape of a blouse and the length of a skirt, choosing the color of lipstick, finding your scent – all this creates your unique look. In addition, high-quality lingerie in your size can correct the shape of the breast, making it even more seductive for the opposite sex.

How to choose the right bra size?

Not all the fair sex knows how to choose the right bra size, constantly getting confused in the numbers and letters that indicate it. To determine the size, you need to know the girth under the chest, the girth at the highest points of the chest and the difference between them. This difference is indicated by numbers or letters, usually there is a two-digit number next to it, indicating the average girth under the bust. So your size is:

AA (0) if the difference is 10-12cm,

A (1) – 12-13 cm,

In (2) – 13-15 cm,

C (3) – 15-17 cm,

D (4) – 18-20 cm,

DD (5) – 20-22 cm,

E (6) – 23-25 ​​cm,

F (6+) – 26-28 cm.

In addition, two bras of the same size can look completely different on you, so trying on should not be neglected. A properly fitted bra should not cut anywhere, and rise too high in the back, and the straps should not fall off.

Owners of large breasts should have wide straps, otherwise the breast will be left without support. If, when lifting your arms, the chest comes out of the cups, then you or the size

How to choose a maternity bra?

How to choose a postpartum bra

The main rule for a bra during this period is natural fabrics, cotton is better, because the skin of the chest, starting from the second trimester, becomes extremely sensitive. Even in such bras there should not be any bones – they injure the chest and can cause milk retention. There are different models of bras designed specifically for pregnant women, some will perfectly support the chest during the day, others will be comfortable to wear at night – you just have to choose the model that is convenient for you.

How to choose a postpartum bra?

Such a bra should also be made of natural fabrics, should also provide good breast support – have wide straps and a base, and also have a comfortable design for feeding.

Many mothers prefer bras with flaps that come unfastened at the top or bottom. And the best option would be a bra with a valve, which will be convenient to unfasten with one hand – the baby will take the other. If you prefer a model made of synthetics, then please note that only the outer side is like this, inside the cup should be soft, made of cotton and without seams.

Finding the right bra size is just as important as choosing the right fit for you. Too tight will interfere with the circulation of milk, and too loose will not support the breast. Also, when choosing, you need to take into account that there should be enough space in the cup for special, milk-absorbing liners. Separately, you will need to choose a sleep bra, it should be different from the daytime one. Usually this is a comfortable top without seams and shaped cups, which perfectly supports the bust.

How to choose a sports bra?

A sports bra should be chosen based on the type of sport you will be playing. Because sports bras How to choose a sports braThere are different degrees of fixation, and for a different degree of physical activity, there is a corresponding level of fixation. So, for yoga and callanetics, a soft degree of fixation is suitable, aerobics and strength training require an average degree of fixation, but for dancing, a bra with a strong degree of support is required.

There are also compression and support bras. Compression bras are needed for women with a small breast size and for light workouts, if the size is not more than 3, in all other cases a supportive bra is needed. It is also important to choose a bra that is the right size so that your breasts are not squeezed or left without support.

It is advisable to give preference to sports bras with a high content of natural materials, since synthetics will clog pores, which is not at all good during intense physical exertion. Underwires and seams on the cups in sports underwear are unacceptable. The rest of the seams must be closed.