how long does eyebrow microblading last

Eyebrow microblading – a modern version of manual tattooing, which allows you to adjust the shape, volume and color of the eyebrows. The procedure is considered gentle and does not cause side effects. The reasons for the popularity of microblading include the minimum number of contraindications and quick results. However, this tattoo also has a drawback – the short duration of action. Let’s figure out how long eyebrow microblading lasts, and whether it is possible to prolong the effect of the procedure.

How long does microblading last?

The duration of the effect largely depends on your body. The low molecular weight pigment used in microblading is gradually excreted in the lymphatic fluid. Therefore, the duration of the effect is related to the metabolic rate. The faster the metabolism, the shorter the microblading will last. For the same reason, in older women, the effect will last longer – with age, the metabolism slows down.

On average, the duration of the effect of microblading is 8-11 months. However, you can extend the time if you protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. In the sun, the pigment begins to fade much faster. Therefore, it is necessary to use protective creams when visiting beaches and solariums. The sun protection factor of the products used in the southern resorts should be quite high – 30-40. If you live in the middle lane – 15-20.

How long will the effect of eyebrow microblading last if you use not a natural coloring pigment, but a tattoo dye? Unfortunately, this will not prolong the effect of the procedure. In addition, over time, the tattoo dye will change its tone and the eyebrows may turn blue or red. It is much easier to undergo microblading adjustments every six months. This will allow you to constantly maintain the color and clarity of the eyebrow lines.

Often, ladies are interested in how long the crust lasts after microblading. Since the procedure is gentle, the crust from injections lasts for about 3 days. It is important not to remove it, the crust should move away by itself. Otherwise, you can spoil a clear line of eyebrows.

Even knowing how long microblading lasts, some women hesitate to undergo the procedure. The reason is obvious – if the tattoo comes off, traces of blue color remain on the skin. Dubious face decoration, isn’t it? Do not be afraid of such consequences if you decide on microblading. The only defect that can be encountered is a light gray-blond shadow, almost invisible under the hairs.

Eyebrow correction is more likely to be done by women with oily skin. In these ladies, the pigment loses its clarity faster and the eyebrow line may be slightly blurred. In a person with a slow metabolism and normal skin type, the effect often lasts more than 2 years.

How to prolong the effect of microblading?

The effect will last longer if you follow the wizard’s recommendations:

  1. Do not visit the sauna, swimming pool, solarium and beach for a week after the procedure.
  2. Do not peel off the crusts.
  3. Do not use self-selected pharmaceutical preparations for wound healing. In this case, pharmacological agents will accelerate the withdrawal of the pigment. Suitable preparations should be advised by the master.
  4. how long does microblading last

  5. In order for the effect to last longer and the clarity of the lines to be expressive, it is advisable to repeat the microblading procedure within 1-1.5 months. This will allow the body to better absorb the pigment, since the primary procedure takes place with the assimilation of only 50% of the coloring matter.

As you can see, how long eyebrow microblading lasts depends largely on the woman herself. Therefore, carefully listen to the advice of a beautician.