Hop cones for hair

Hops have been used for their strengthening properties for hair since ancient times. In ancient Rome, it was used in the form of various tinctures, masks and other means. Despite the fact that hops are most often used to make beer, the strengthening mask from them turns out just great.

Hop cones for hair

In order to use hops to strengthen hair, it is initially dried in the shade. This procedure is performed exactly before the cones begin to break from dryness. For ease of use, hop cones are often pressed and placed in compact containers. This method of preparing hops for use can be carried out at home.

Hair hops are something of a lifesaver as their amazing properties have a positive effect. Hops have a healing effect on the hair follicles, thereby protecting them from excessive damage and loss. Various hop infusions have a bacterial effect, which contributes to the destruction of existing bacteria. There are cases when problematic hair is due to an unhealthy scalp. Then hop oil for hair will be useful, which has a calming and bacterial effect.

Hops – beneficial properties for hair

Hop extracts and its infusions have long been widely used in cosmetology. Today, a large number of different hop-based hair masks, head rinse solutions, various creams and much more are produced. Hops are used for hair with abundant hair loss and baldness. For this you can use:

  1. Special decoction (can be prepared at home) for daily rinsing of the head. Such treatment can be carried out in courses. Thanks to this decoction, if you are the owner of dark curls, your hair will acquire a beautiful shade. For this you need: 2 tbsp. l. cones are poured with 1 liter of water. The mixture becomes on a slow fire. Boil for 20 minutes. It is filtered.
  2. Hair masks from hops, prepared at home or bought at a pharmacy. So, at home, you can cook the following: 1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of hop cones with 1 cup of boiling water. Cool down. Then rub this mask into the scalp.
  3. Tincture from hop cones is rubbed externally into the roots of the hair. For cooking, take hop cones and water in proportions of 1:10. Insist throughout the day.
  4. Oil based on hop cones to enhance hair growth. Before use, it is heated and only then applied to the entire length.