hair styling mousse

Some girls cannot imagine their life without this tool. Others hate styling mousses. In fact, it is an irreplaceable thing. The main thing is to learn how to use it correctly and choose the right tool.

How to use hair styling mousse?

With the help of mousse, you can create charming curls – flexible and light in appearance. The tool also helps to maintain the volume of hair. And these are not all its advantages. Among other things, it:

  • universal – suitable for absolutely any type of hair and scalp;
  • makes hair more elastic;
  • nourishes curls;
  • keeps styling longer;
  • does not stick strands;
  • protects against the negative impact of external factors.

When you know how to use hair styling mousse, creating an attractive look can be done quite quickly and relatively simply:

  1. Apply the product preferably on damp hair.
  2. No need to take too much mousse. A serving the size of a small walnut should be enough for medium length hair.
  3. Hair styling mousse is distributed evenly from the ends. It should not be applied directly to the roots.

What mousse to choose?

Now that you know how to apply hair styling mousse, you can start choosing the right brand of product:

  1. At Wella there is a whole series of special styling. They allow you to achieve additional volume and shine, provide additional fixation.
  2. Mousse is perfect for styling curly hair Spiritz & Shine Liquid Mousse. It is quite liquid, easy to use and gives excellent results. It can also be applied to dry hair. It is advisable to use together with a spray from the same series.
  3. hair styling mousse

  4. Styling from Schwarzkopf used for curling and does not weigh down the hair. The only drawback is that the smell is too pungent, which not everyone likes.
  5. Mousses for styling wavy hair L’oreal on the contrary, they have a very pleasant aroma.
  6. Trademark Funds charm available and effective. True, due to the lack of thermal protection, they are less popular.
  7. Mousses Estel deserve special attention. They earn positive reviews regularly. They are used for curling, and for straightening curls, and for everyday hairstyles.
  8. Considered pretty good Garnier Fructis Style. This product contains vitamins and minerals, as well as special microparticles that provide extra shine.