gel nail polish

Applying gel polish to nails is often compared to nail extensions. But these are two different things. With extensions, you continue the nail plate, and with the help of a gel coat, apply the product to the nail plate itself. This strengthens it, moreover, regular use of this nail care method will help you grow your nails and make them beautiful and well-groomed.

Gel nail polish at home

Most often, a gel coating is applied to short nails in order to give them volume and rigidity with the help of a gel. You can do this in any beauty salon.

If you want to do this for yourself, and make beautiful nails for your friends and acquaintances, you should know what you need for a gel coating. There are many tools and materials available, and they are inexpensive. The most important tools for gel nail polish at home:

  • UV lamp, in order to do this at home, you can purchase a lamp of 18 watts, 36 watts (the more the better – this will help the gel dry quickly);
  • nail files for adjusting the shape of nails, length;
  • disinfectants to sanitize all instruments before each use,
  • means for degreasing nails;
  • base coat (serves to protect nails from harmful pigments);
  • gel polish.

You have bought everything and now you need to know a few rules for using this manicure method.

Gel polish technology

Here’s how to properly gel your nails at home:

  1. First you need to file the surface of the nail plate with a nail file and shape it.
  2. Cover the nail plate with a light brush movement with a degreaser.
  3. Apply the base under the varnish, dry in a UV lamp.
  4. Apply base color polish. Dry again.
  5. Next, you need to fix it.
  6. At the end, wipe each nail with pharmaceutical alcohol to remove the sticky layer.

If you want a gel coating of nails with a pattern, then it should be applied to the dried colored varnish, always before the fixer.

what you need for gel nails

Pros and cons of gel nail polish

Gel nail polish has a lot of positive qualities, and women and girls like it because it stays on nails twice as long as regular polish. This saves you time as you don’t have to go to the nail salon every 2-3 days. Also, the positive property of the varnish is that you can safely clean the house, or do other things that are associated with chemicals. The gel will give your nails shine, brightness, showiness.

As for the negative characteristic, it is one – you cannot remove it yourself, professionals will do it better and safer.