Gel eyeliner

In order to make the female look more charming, there are many cosmetics, including eyeliner. There are also a considerable number of them, these are pencils, and liquid, and cream (gel) eyeliner. It is worth talking about the latter option in more detail, since gel eyeliner is a relative novelty in the domestic cosmetics market.

How to use gel eyeliner?

Gel eyeliner is still winning the hearts of those who like to draw arrows in front of their eyes, but they predict a great future for it. The idea of ​​inventing this type of eyeliner was to combine the advantages of eyeliners and liquid eyeliner. Perhaps this was not fully achieved, but still the gel eyeliner has weighty arguments in its favor – it is durability, relative ease of application, it is possible to shade (not all brands) or make a smooth transition, the coating is even and smooth. Also, unlike liquid, gel eyeliner, you can draw arrows with strokes, tearing off your hand. The disadvantages of gel eyeliner include the fact that it dries quickly in a container and you need to choose the right brush for it. Also, gel eyeliners are usually quite persistent, so you need a special makeup remover to remove them.

Some brands sell gel eyeliner as a set with a brush, while others sell the brush separately. Which brush is right for you depends on your skill in drawing arrows, on the texture of the eyeliner, and on many other factors. But many consider the best springy brush with a rounded tip, because it is very easy to pick up paint. The need is to take care of this brush. To get smooth and clear lines. Remember to wash your brush with soap and running water.

What is the best gel eyeliner?

It is quite difficult to rank gel eyeliners, because when talking about quality, we rely on price, using statements like “for this price, the quality is not bad at all” or “for this price, I expected more.” In order not to become a hostage to this approach, we will evaluate several gel eyeliners from different price segments.

From cheap (costing up to $ 15), consider the gel eyeliner firms Essence, Avon and Maybelline. The mid-price segment (under $25) is occupied by MAC’s gel eyeliner, and at the very top (more than $40) is Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner.

  1. Let’s start with the eyeliner from Avon. It can be called gel with a very big stretch – the texture is dry, which is why it is very difficult to pick up on a brush. For the same reason, it is impossible to draw a beautiful line with this eyeliner, it is applied in lumps. In addition, its durability leaves much to be desired, after 10-20 minutes the arrows begin to blur, and by the end of the day only memories remain of them. The only plus is the larger volume of the jar (12 ml) than other (3-4 ml) manufacturers.
  2. Another product in the same price range is the Essence gel eyeliner. The texture is creamy, without lumps, easy to pick up on the brush. It also lays flat on the skin, but dries pretty quickly on a brush, that is, it will not work to correct (shade) the arrow. But the jar itself is quite tight, so the eyeliner does not dry out. The eyeliner lasts all day and is difficult to wash off.
  3. The Maybelline eyeliner is similar in quality to the previous product. The difference is that this eyeliner dries more slowly, but lasts quite a long time, almost all day (although the manufacturer promises 24 hours). cream eyelinerA clear disadvantage is that it is washed off with difficulty, “pieces” that get stuck between the cilia.
  4. MAC gel eyeliner is similar in consistency to a greasy cream, you need to draw arrows with it quickly, because it can dry out on the brush. Due to its haze, the arrows look like those drawn with a sharpened pencil. This beauty lasts all day, and is washed off easily without any lumps and streaks.
  5. Eyeliner from Bobbi Brown is also similar in texture to a fat cream, it is also easy to pick up and apply. As well as the product from MAC, it stays on the eyelids well and washes off without any problems. An additional plus is a large selection of colors (13), which favorably distinguishes Bobbi Brown eyeliner from products from other manufacturers.