Forms of the female breast

Types of shapes and sizes of the female breast are very diverse, and moreover, they can tell a lot of interesting things about the character of their owner. Each era had its own standards for the ideal shape of the female breast, and, nevertheless, often the most famous and desirable women did not always correspond to generally accepted standards.

Types of breast sizes are also diverse, the fashion for large busts has always been replaced by fashion for a small “youthful” chest. Which means nice breast shape it is not necessarily the form sung by contemporaries. Scientists and psychologists classified the types of breasts and found a close relationship between the types of forms of female breasts, the character and sexual preferences of women. Of course, the data obtained cannot be an axiom, but it can still help to learn more about character in the shape of the chest. For example, based on the results of these studies, it is possible to determine what types of breast forms are inherent in sexually liberated women, what kind of breast shape is in potential “ideal wives” that combine devotion, tenderness and domesticity, and what forms are inherent in more aggressive careerists. Let’s see what different forms of female breasts can tell about their owners.

“Circe” – this form is one of the modern standards of beautiful breasts. Moderately elastic breasts, a little more than average in size with well-defined nipples, surrounded by dark and large areolas. This form testifies to independence and determination, but, as a rule, in their sexual life, such women are prone to suppressing their partner.

“The globe” – this is a large round breast, the shape of the nipple of the breast is pronounced, and the areola is light at the edges and dark, immediately around the nipple. Women with this form are characterized by aggressiveness, jealousy, always achieve their goals, thanks to energy and perseverance. In sexual life, they also prefer to command.

“Ripe pear” – also differs in large size, but the shape is slightly sagging, soft, the nipples are surrounded by large and dark areolas. The owners of “ripe pears” are distinguished by prudence, developed intuition. Easily achieve career success. In sex, they prefer experiments, but at the same time they are able to remain faithful to their chosen one.

“Renaissance” – it is a soft, heavy chest of large size, with thin translucent skin. Large nipples are surrounded by small dark areolas. Women with this form are romantic, prone to various types of art. In sexual life they are very impressionable and emotional.

“Chestnut” – large, soft breasts of a slightly flattened shape, areolas of the nipples are light, large in size. Women are energetic, resolute, but they do not always have the perseverance to complete what they started. In sex, they love everything new, they are very fast and do not burden themselves with bored relationships.

Breast types

“Water surface” – very large and soft breasts, streaks of veins appear through the skin, nipples are surrounded by light areolas. Women with such forms are very kind and sympathetic, they will always come to the rescue, but they rarely admit their problems. In sexual life, inexperienced partners are preferred, who are happily taught all the tricks, sacrificing their satisfaction.

“Alma mater” – it is also distinguished by its large size, while the nipples are tense, and it seems that the woman is breastfeeding the baby. The nature of the owners of such a bust is distinguished by a pronounced maternal instinct, which is reflected in family and business relationships. They are characterized by constancy in relations with a partner, in their sexual life they are also prone to the manifestation of maternal instinct. But after the birth of children, such women begin to experiment, sometimes going to extremes.

“Peach” – such breasts resemble ripe peaches. Large, firm and heavy, the nipples are surrounded by a pink areola. Women are self-sufficient, very self-willed. Succeed in a career. In sexual life unpredictable, tenderness and softness are replaced by aggressiveness. They remain attached for a long time, while they love innovation and diversity.

Turkish Eyes – large breasts of a narrow elongated shape. The nipples are directed in different directions. Women of this type achieve career growth through business acumen and cunning. Business partnerships with such women are dangerous, they put their own benefit above all else. In sexual life, this quality also dominates. Such women are demanding, but they do not care about a partner.

“Lady fingers” – large breasts in shape resembling the grape variety of the same name. Women with such breasts are calm and non-conflict. In sexual life they are unpredictable, they prefer to try on various roles.

“Dulka” – tapering at the base, widening towards the nipple surrounded by large reddish-brown areoles. Women are family, economic, hospitable. In sexual life, gentle and calm, do not like innovations and experiments.

“Buds” – chest of medium size, narrow elongated shape. The nipples are pointed, with small areolas. The character of the owners of this form is distinguished by femininity and calmness. In sex they are conservative, they do not pay much attention to caresses and intimate games.

“African savannah” – breasts of medium size, the skin is dark and elastic. The areola is clearly defined. Such women are emotional, energetic and impulsive. In sexual life, unbridledness is often combined with conservatism.

“Sappho” – soft, slightly flaccid chest of medium size. The nature of the owners of this form is characterized by imbalance, a tendency to melancholy. Often manifest themselves in a creative environment. They have a sporting interest in sex and are distinguished by inconstancy.

“Snow Hill” small elastic breasts, with pointed nipples, surrounded by light large areolas. The skin is light and soft. Women with such breasts are distinguished by sophistication, rich inner world and developed imagination. In sex, they are romantic, caresses and love games play the main role for them.

“Chloe” – small tight breasts, with a small areola. Women with this type of breast are sensitive, frivolous, suspicious, insecure. In the sexual life as insecure, What are the breast shapesbecause of which they prefer inexperienced partners.

Although the shape of the female breast is due to heredity, it can still change with age. Regardless of the natural shape, it is worth keeping the bust in good shape with the help of exercises, as well as taking care of the delicate skin on the chest.

It is worth noting that pregnancy and childbirth also affect the shape of the female breast. What will be the shape of the breast after childbirth, depends solely on the desire and desire to maintain their figure. There are a large number of different techniques that allow you to maintain a beautiful shape. It is also an erroneously common belief that feeding has a negative effect on the shape of the bust. Improving the shape of the breast after feeding is quite possible, of course, if you do not give up and take care of the beauty of your body.