Five questions about snail creams

What is mucin, how is snail mucus extracted, are beauty procedures with domestic snails effective?

Imagine the hands of farm workers: chicks, wounds, chapping. Now imagine that the hands of the workers of the Chilean farmer Fernardo Bascunan are tender, smooth, like those of an aristocratic girl of 16 years old. And it’s not about the southern climate or the fact that Fernando Bascugnan reverently selected tasks for his subordinates that do not lead to chicks, wounds and chapping. The fact is that the profile of the Chilean farm, which has become legendary, was snails, which were grown for connoisseurs of French cuisine. And then, one bright Chilean morning, something happened that entered Fernando Bascunan into history: the Chilean finally connected the amazing condition of the hands of workers with snails.

Fernando Bascunan did not lose his head, he developed this topic (the research of scientists took a long 15 years), and in 1995 the first cream with snail mucin appeared. By the way, what was a real discovery for Fernando and the pundits of cosmetology has long been a proven means of beauty for South American girls.

Today, everyone is talking about the miraculous snail secretion filtrate, and if you are not yet in love with cosmetics with mucin, then you have not tried the Wan Mei (Wang Mei) series products from the MeiTan Company, an expert in a beautiful and healthy life.

Mucus and filtrate – the same thing?

The mucus that remains as a wet trail from the movement of the snail is not the main material used by cosmetologists. During stress or damage to the shell, the mollusk secretes a special kind of similar consistency that contains mucin with a host of useful minerals. Just healing snail mucin is used in cosmetology.


Farms in Chile and Colombia remain the main supplier of this material. To obtain mucin, snails are subjected to rotation and shaking.

How is snail secretion filtrate obtained?

With the help of a large amount of water, mucus is collected under the strict supervision of qualified laboratory technicians. The material is then filtered to remove foreign elements.


Why is the Wan Mei (Wang Mei) series effective?

The result of the meticulous work of MeiTan specialists was a special composition of cosmetics with a snail series Wan Mei (Wang Mei). In addition to the snail secretion filtrate, it included sodium hyaluronate, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and allantoin. All these components complement the Wan Mei (Wang Mei) recipe in such a way that it acts in 3 directions:

  • improves the ability of the skin to reflect light by narrowing the pores, leveling the relief and tone of the surface of the skin of the face;
  • moisturizes, gives the skin smoothness and elasticity;
  • stimulates the restoration and renewal of skin cells.


At what age is cosmetics with snail secretion filtrate recommended?

A feature of the Wan Mei (Wang Mei) snail series with snail secretion filtrate is its versatility – snail cosmetics can be used at any age. In adolescence, they help fight acne and post-acne, scars and blemishes on the skin. At the age of about 30 years – with the first wrinkles, and after 50 years – with age spots. In all these cases, the products of the Wan Mei (Wang Mei) series help to make the skin even.

Can domestic snails be used?

A video is circulating on YouTube where three girls, accompanying themselves with squeals and sighs, put large Achatina snails on their faces. For the sake of even skin, they courageously and confidently tear off the mollusks from the terrarium and endure how giant slugs crawl lazily across their faces. Maybe it would be productive if they carried out such a procedure constantly. Something like the Chilean workers mentioned above, 54-55 regularly in contact with snails. In the case of the roller, this is not an effective procedure, but a spectacular spectacle, although this can be argued with.

Cosmetics with mucin is a complex product based on fundamental scientific developments. There is no reason to put yourself and animals under stress when it is enough to purchase ready-made products with a snail.

Means of the Wan Mei (Wang Mei) series are easy to buy from MeiTan consultants, in the Company’s Representative Offices, in the official online store.