Facial massage at home - 7 best techniques

Time leaves its mark on the face. Since ancient times, acupuncture and passive gymnastics have been considered an effective method of healing, so facial massage at home remains the most effective method of rejuvenation today. Thanks to regular procedures, you can get rid of puffiness, smooth out wrinkles, relieve fatigue and restore freshness and radiant appearance to the skin.

benefits of facial massage

Facial massage – harm or benefit?

Those who have already experienced the effectiveness of cosmetic physiotherapy know firsthand how useful facial massage is:

  1. This is a safe, comfortable way to preserve and restore youth and beauty of the face.
  2. Massages help keep the skin in good shape.
  3. Relaxing complexes are aimed at relaxing the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté.
  4. Stimulating movements have a narrowly targeted effect: lymphatic drainage, blood microcirculation, cell oxygen saturation, tissue nutrition.
  5. Facial massage at home helps to strengthen muscles, increase skin elasticity, which gives an amazing smoothing effect.
  6. Relieve facial muscle tension, remove dead cells of the epidermis and even remove toxins under the power of massages.
  7. The oils, vitamins and active substances used during the procedures penetrate deep into the skin of the face and act even more effectively.

Facial massage – types

To date, in the arsenal of cosmetologists, Ayurvedic healers, acupuncture and other types of alternative medicine, there is an extensive list of various options for facial physiotherapy, collected from all over the world. Techniques are constantly improving and improving. Most types of facial massage at home are easy to do even without outside help, but for greater effectiveness, it is still better to resort to the services of professionals.

The following types of facial massage remain the most popular:

  1. Classic facial massage. Its technique is based on the cyclical alternation of certain techniques, replacing each other sequentially. This procedure cleanses the skin of dead cells and is very effective in combating the trophic processes of the epidermis.
  2. Sculptural massage allows you to adjust the shape of the face: remove the second chin, tighten sagging skin.
  3. Acupressure Japanese shiatsu facial massage at home, you can do it yourself. The essence of this method is to stimulate biologically active points with fingertips.
  4. Hardware massage carried out by professionals and mainly in specialized salons. During the event, lymphatic drainage is carried out along with a relaxing massage and stimulation of the facial muscles.
  5. Jaquet’s facial pinch massage is aimed at combating age-related changes, scars, pigmentation and the treatment of acne and post-acne. It is necessary to carry out this type of procedure on talc, as it promotes slip and removes excess fat in case of disruption of the sebaceous glands.

Russian facial massage

classic facial massage

Softer and gentler than other types of cosmetic physiotherapy is considered a classic facial massage. The impact is reflected only on the superficial layers of the skin and muscles, therefore, to achieve the desired effect of rejuvenation, it is necessary to conduct at least 20 sessions. During the procedure, warm oil is used to better glide the fingers.

You can make such a facial massage at home using the following technique. Each movement is repeated several times:

  1. Place four fingers in the center of the chin, and large fingers on the bridge of the nose. Bring your fingers to your earlobes.
  2. Then, from the corners of the lower jaw, you need to bring your fingers to the center of the chin. Next, separate your fingers and clasp your chin with them, bring your hands back to the corners of the jaw.
  3. With massaging light movements, walk along the cheekbones from the sinuses to the temples.
  4. Use your middle fingers with light pressure to walk around the eyes, starting from the temples and further along the upper cheekbone, bridge of the nose and eyebrows.
  5. Gently use fingertips to make smoothing movements over the upper eyelid, bridge of the nose, temples.
  6. At the end, stroking movements are made with all fingers from the middle of the face to the ears, starting from the forehead and ending with the chin.


Asahi Japanese facial massage

The creator of the Asahi technique is the Japanese cosmetologist Yukuki Tanaka, who, by personal example, proved the effectiveness of her development. Asahi facial massage in the world has received recognition under a different name – Zogan, which means “creating a face.” This method has three cardinal differences from all other types of facial physiotherapy:

  1. Depth of impact. The intensity of manipulations affects not only the skin and superficial layers of tissues, but the deep muscles of the face, connective tissues, and the lymphatic system.
  2. The direction of the massage lines runs along the lymphatic pathways, stimulating the outflow of lymphatic fluid. And with it, toxins.
  3. The impact on the muscles increases their tone, strengthens and gives the face a clear contour.

Japanese face massage Zogan

zogan facial massage

This facial massage at home can be done independently. It is carried out in a sitting position with a flat back. The duration of the procedure is 12-15 minutes. Each stage of the zogan facial massage is repeated three times and consists of pressure directed movements of the three working fingers of each hand. However, the intensity of pressure must be controlled so that there is no pain:

  1. Neck. Having pressed the entire length of three fingers on the active point behind the ears, at the location of the lymph nodes, you need to count to two and, without changing the intensity of the pressure, lower your fingers along the neck to the collarbones.
  2. Forehead. Press with three fingers of two hands on the middle of the forehead and with pressure lower the fingers along the temporal region and down the neck to the collarbones.
  3. Eyes. With middle fingers, press on the active points at the outer corners of the eyes and move the fingers downward, describing a circle, and return to the starting points. Then we lead our fingers down the neck to the collarbones.
  4. Mouth. Press your fingers on the middle of the chin and move them up through the corners of the mouth to the area under the nose, where the pressure needs to be increased and linger for 2-3 seconds.
  5. Nose. Middle fingers should massage the wings of the nose, and then move to the bridge of the nose, massaging it up and down. After that, the fingers are again taken down to the collarbones, stimulating the outflow of lymph.
  6. Further from the edges of the chin, you need to lift it with palm pressure up through the corners of the mouth to the wings of the nose and the inner corners of the eyes. This position is fixed for a few seconds with increased pressure. After that, we take our hands along the upper cheekbones to the temples and down the neck to the collarbones.

Chinese facial massage

According to its methodology, Chinese massage can be called acupuncture, because its effect occurs on energetically active points and after the procedure, not only the appearance, but also the general condition is significantly improved. This facial massage for face lift is perfect. In addition, he copes well with the second chin, swelling and deep wrinkles.

This massage is performed while sitting, repeating each movement three times:

  1. Cover your face with warm palms and hold for 5 seconds.
  2. With your thumbs, press the active points near the inner corners of the eyes and massage these points with pressure for 10 seconds.
  3. Put the middle fingers over the wings of the nose and with pressure move up through the inner corners of the eyes to the center of the forehead, and then along the sides to the temples and through the upper cheekbone to return to their original points.
  4. From the inner corners of the eyes, alternately stroke the upper and lower eyelids with the pads of the index fingers to the temples.
  5. With the phalanges of the index fingers, stroke the face from the bridge of the nose to the ears, gradually descending down to the mouth and chin.
  6. With bent phalanges of fingers, draw along the lower jaw from the earlobe to the chin.


Spanish facial massage

facial massage at home

This facial massage at home is easy to do on your own:

  1. The first part of the massage is aimed at relaxing the face, neck and décolleté. The movements are stroking, light.
  2. The second part is aimed at lymphatic drainage. Here you need to act slowly so that the viscous lymph has time to flow through its channels. The direction of the massage is from top to bottom along the lymphatic system: superciliary arches, upper and lower cheekbones, neck, collarbones.
  3. Muscle massage is carried out with fingers: light tweaks, bulkheads, point and linear stimulation of facial muscles without undue zeal, stroking.
  4. Lifting massage: quick and soft tapping of problem areas with all fingers of both hands.
  5. At the end, relaxing strokes are again performed.

Honey facial massage

This facial massage technique is based on the sticky texture of honey and its beneficial effects on the skin:

  1. Cover the face with an even layer of honey, without affecting the eye area, and leave for 5 minutes.
  2. Tapping with the fingertips, you need to move slowly from the center of the forehead to the temples.
  3. Then the movement is directed from the tip of the nose to the earlobes.
  4. Then rise along the temples, tapping with the fingertips, to the forehead and down the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose.
  5. Next, the massage line moves from the tips of the lips to the lobes, and then from the area under the nose to the ears.
  6. From the center of the chin, the movement of the fingers is directed to the temples along the lower jaw.
  7. When the honey becomes too sticky and begins to roll into lumps, wash your face with warm water and apply a cream.

Face massage with spoons

Chinese facial massage for wrinkles is also represented by this original method using spoons of different sizes: it is better to take tea spoons for the eyes, and table spoons for the main massage:

  1. Cool the spoons in a decoction of herbs or in ordinary cold water and put on the eyelids with the convex side. Keep until heated. The number of repetitions is 5 times.
  2. A warm spoon, starting from the superciliary arches, move in a circular motion to the temples. Then from the bridge of the nose to the temples, then from the lips to the ears, and finally from the center of the chin along the jaw to the earlobes.
  3. Puff out your cheeks and tap them with warm spoons.
  4. From the goiter, use warm spoons from the center of the chin to the neck, and then in different directions.

Hardware facial massage at home

vacuum facial massage

Vacuum facial massage can be done both manually and with the help of special equipment, generously lubricating the skin with oil:

  1. Set the jar in the center of the forehead and draw a straight line to the temples.
  2. Movement from the eyebrows to the hairline vertically upwards.
  3. From the tip of the nose, draw a jar to the mid-eyebrow.
  4. From the bridge of the nose along the upper line of the cheeks, lead jars to the temples.
  5. From the center of the chin, lead the jar along the jaw arch to the earlobe.


How to do facial massage?

For massage, certain rules must be observed:

  1. Before doing a facial massage, you need to remove make-up, cleanse the skin and prepare it with peeling.
  2. The beginning of the massage should be relaxing or warming.
  3. Stroking movements from soft, relaxing to intense gradually. Unless the massage technique requires immediate action.
  4. Movements should be carried out along massage lines and active points, with the direction of the lymph flow.
  5. After the massage is completed, the face must be cleaned of cosmetics and a nourishing cream applied.

Massage oils

Depending on the type of skin, oils for facial massage are selected, both basic and essential. As a basis, you should choose:

  1. For dry skin, thick oils are best: avocado, wheat germ, or apricot.
  2. Oily skin can be treated with sunflower oil, jojoba or St. John’s wort. Kefir is also great as a base for massage.
  3. Wheat germ oil, grape seed or apricot oil is suitable for aging skin.
  4. Normal or combination skin is responsive to almond oil, which is also suitable for delicate eyelid skin.

Facial massage – preparation

To conduct a facial massage at home in the same way as in the salon, attention should be paid to the preparation:

  1. The skin must be cleansed of makeup and oily deposits and impurities.
  2. The second stage is peeling, which rids the skin of dead cells so that the active substances penetrate deep into the epidermis.
  3. If necessary, the skin is steamed to open the pores.
  4. Massage oil or fat cream is applied to the prepared face.

How often can you do a facial massage?

The frequency of procedures depends on the type of massage chosen. In addition, the opinions of experts on this matter also differ. Some advise doing 10 sessions twice a year. Others to the question “how often to do a facial massage?” may declare the permanent need for this cosmetic procedure. Be that as it may, a 5-10 minute massage before going to bed will be an excellent prevention of premature fading of the skin of the face.

Facial massage – contraindications

deep facial massage

Regardless of the fact that deep facial massage has tremendous benefits, this method of rejuvenation still has its contraindications, including:

  • skin inflammation;
  • open wounds;
  • large moles and warts;
  • allergy;
  • infection;
  • fragility of blood vessels;
  • neoplasms;
  • pinching of the facial nerve;
  • blood clotting disorder;
  • chemical peeling.