Facial Concealer

The desire for perfection is inherent in every woman, and a variety of cosmetics help us to get closer to what we want. Among which there are various proofreaders for the face.

How to choose a corrector for the face?

To begin with, it is worth saying that face correctors can be divided into 2 types – used to correct the color (oval) of the face or for spot application.

Means of the first group are available in liquid form, in various color variations. These correctors create a thin film on the skin that helps to change the complexion.

  1. A green or blue facial concealer can hide redness on the skin. In addition, a green face corrector is often used to mask problematic skin.
  2. The orange color corrector is suitable for those whose skin is too pale. But the yellow corrector for the face is designed to hide spider veins and slight redness.
  3. The pink color of the corrector will refresh the face and hide the greasy shine of oily skin. And the peach or apricot color of the corrector will make the skin of swarthy girls colder and brighter.
  4. If your goal is makeup for an evening out, then makeup artists recommend using a lilac or blue face corrector. Since such shades will give the skin a porcelain look. Also for evening make-up, you can use a silver corrector, which will give the skin a cold and bright shade.
  5. Gold and bronze color correctors will help the face become a little more tanned and hide small freckles and acne.
  6. A blue or blue corrector should be chosen for those who overdid it with self-tanning, due to which the face acquired an unnatural orange tint. Such correctors will remove the ugly tone of the face.
  7. If the face needs to be lightened or the oval corrected, then a white corrector is used.

Means of the second group can be produced in liquid form (concealers) and in the form of pencils. All of them are designed to correct minor imperfections – bruises under the eyes, mimic wrinkles (in this case, reflective particles should be in the composition) and scars. If you want to mask acne, then you need to choose a corrector specifically for acne (usually these are pencils), since salicylic acid, which dries pimples, is part of such products.

It turns out to talk about what type or color of corrector for the face is best, it is useless. It all depends on the purpose for which you acquire it, and of course, on whether you can use it correctly.

How to use a face corrector?

Having decided to get a corrector for the face, remember that you can’t use it daily – you risk drying out your skin and increasing the number of your problems. The method of applying the corrector depends on what you decide to disguise.

  1. To improve (change) the complexion, the corrector is applied to moistened skin, and the face is covered with foundation or powder on top.
  2. To hide freckles and age spots, the corrector should be applied to the foundation, pointwise. After that, the corrector is shaded and fixed with a layer of transparent powder.
  3. If you want to mask pimples, the procedure is the same, only the elevation with the inflamed head does not need to be lubricated, otherwise the pimple will be even more noticeable.
  4. To remove broken blood vessels and redness, the corrector should be applied to clean skin. Foundation or powder is used in this case on top of the corrector.
  5. To get rid of circles under the eyes, a concealer (dry products are not suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes) should be chosen ½ tone lighter than your skin. face correctors Before using the concealer, the skin should be moisturized with a light cream or gel. After that, apply the corrector with dots and gently blend the product.
  6. To hide scars, pockmarks, you should carefully select the color. If the marks are reddish, then a green corrector is needed, and for purple traces, a yellow remedy is suitable. You can add a little foundation. Before applying, the skin of the face must be well cleaned and oily sheen removed. Next, apply a corrective and let it absorb. Repeat if required. After that, you need to apply foundation or powder on your face.