Eyelash care at home

Eyelashes perform an important protective function in the body. They protect our eyes from wind, sun, dust and rain. But under the negative influence of the environment, they themselves become brittle and weak, and fade and thin with age. How to make eyelashes thick, long, beautiful and healthy? All of the above can be achieved providing eyelashes with proper care at home.

Thanks to modern technology, there are many ways to make eyelashes thick and long. Almost every good brand of mascara creates the effect of volume or lengthens the eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are also becoming popular, with which you can achieve the effect of natural thick and beautiful eyelashes. Eyelash coloring is another way to emphasize the eyes. But all these are only effects, and sooner or later their action stops. If you build eyelashes, then you need to periodically give them time to recover, if you color, then a pause is also needed between procedures, but the effect that mascara gives disappears every evening. And now we are left alone with our suffering eyelashes. And again the question is how to make eyelashes thicker, longer, more beautiful? Cosmetic companies offer many eyelash care products that can be used at home. For modern women, this is a very convenient way, you do not need to spend time preparing masks, visiting beauty parlors. For example, Loreal’s Eyelash Serum, developed after a long study of the structure and growth of eyelashes, gives good results in strengthening and lengthening, but not everyone is satisfied with the volume. And since each woman has an individual tolerance of certain components, it can be quite difficult to choose a remedy for strengthening eyelashes. If a eyelashes fall out the cause must be established first. These may be health-related problems (poor nutrition, neuroses, eye diseases, side effects of drugs, allergies), perhaps you simply use inappropriate or low-quality cosmetics. The result of strengthening eyelashes depends not only on care, but also on your internal state.

Strengthening eyelashes at home is that part of care, without which your eyelashes will never look at 100%. The procedures are best performed in the evening, after you have removed your make-up. The simplest is massage. Blood flow provides vitamins and stimulates growth. For massage, it is good to use oil to strengthen eyelashes or a mixture of oils (castor, olive, peach). For greater effect, you can add vitamins A, E, D, F. Apply a drop of oil to the index finger, bring it to the cilia and, blinking, moisten the tips, only carefully so that the oil does not get into the eyes. After that, comb with a brush, starting from the base. After the procedure, be sure to rinse and dry the brush.

Strengthening eyelashes with folk remedies

The use of folk remedies also gives good results. The simplest remedy for strengthening and growing eyelashes is castor oil. Every evening or three to four times a week, apply it with a well-washed mascara brush. In order to avoid allergic reactions, it is not necessary to leave it overnight – instead of fluffy eyelashes, you risk getting swollen eyelids.

Burdock oil is suitable if your eyelashes fall out.

Rose oil will well relieve irritation of the skin of the eyelids.

Peach, sea buckthorn, almond oil – stimulates growth, strengthens.

You can make masks by mixing the most suitable oils and adding vitamins, or you can use ready-made recipes.

Here are some of the most effective eyelash growth recipes:

In equal proportions, mix castor, sea buckthorn and fir oil and add a few drops of vitamin A.

Mix castor oil and rum in equal amounts. Gives fast results.

Warmed almond oil is applied to a cotton swab.beautiful eyelashes and apply to the eyelashes for 10-15 minutes.

Means for strengthening eyelashes:

For a month, apply before bedtime a mixture of aloe juice, castor and burdock oil, and vitamin E. Or a mixture of castor, olive and almond oils, fish oil and an oil solution of vitamin E. Oils should be taken in equal amounts.

You can change the composition of the masks depending on your preferences and capabilities. The main thing is to listen to your feelings and, if unwanted reactions occur, stop using inappropriate drugs.

It is possible to make eyelashes beautiful and healthy without spending much money, time and effort, and the effect that you get from proper eyelash care at home will not be long in coming.