eyelash lamination at home

Everyone is more or less familiar with hair lamination. This procedure helps to make curls shiny, smooth, obedient and incredibly pleasant to the touch. And since the structure of hair throughout the body differs little, cosmetologists decided to try to influence the facial hair with chemical compounds. This is how the eyelash lamination procedure appeared, which can be carried out even at home. She, as practice shows, helps girls forget about breaking and falling cilia. She also solves their problem of how to look good from the moment you wake up.

Advantages of eyelash lamination in the salon and at home

At some point, each representative understands that even expensive high-quality mascara cannot make her look more expressive. Eyelashes in their appearance are more like a fence and look absolutely unattractive. There are many ways to solve this problem – you can make special masks or treat hairs with strengthening solutions. But to see the effect of these procedures, you will have to wait at least a few weeks.

The ideal way out is to use eyelash lamination products at home or in the salon. Benefits will be noticeable immediately upon completion of the procedure:

  1. The hairs are visually lengthened and acquire a spectacular bend.
  2. Eyelashes have a natural healthy shine.
  3. The color changes – it becomes more saturated.
  4. The look becomes very expressive and dramatic, because the extension effect is created.

Means for lamination penetrate deeply. Thanks to their action, growth processes are launched, the cilia become thicker. In addition, nutrients enter the skin around the eyes.

How to do eyelash lamination at home?

Today there are several compositions designed specifically for self-lamination:

  • Paul Mitchell;
  • Yumi Lashes
  • Nover Lash Up.

For laminating eyelashes at home, the recipe from Yumi Lashes is most often used. This is quite expensive, but very high quality tool:

  1. Before laminating eyelashes at home, you need to clean and degrease the hairs and skin around the eyes.
  2. Apply protective cream to your eyelids.
  3. Curl your eyelashes with a roller or use special forms.
  4. Treat the hairs with a strengthening solution.
  5. Apply laminating compound.
  6. After an hour, remove the remaining funds with a cotton swab.

During the day after the procedure, you can neither wash your face nor use cosmetics.

Eyelash lamination at home with gelatin

Unfortunately, professional laminating compounds are not suitable for everyone. Someone is not satisfied with the price, and for some they cause allergies. But this problem is actually not that hard to solve. According to an affordable recipe, you can prepare an eyelash lamination agent at home with gelatin.

remedy recipe


  • gelatin – 15 gr.;
  • water – 50 ml;
  • hair balm – 15 gr.
  • eyelash lamination at home with gelatin


Heat water and mix with gelatin. Put the product on fire for five minutes, and then add balm to it and mix everything thoroughly.

The composition is applied to the eyelashes according to the principle described above. Keep it in front of your eyes for about half an hour, and then rinse with warm running water.

Usually the results of lamination are stored for two to three months. Of course, with gelatin, one cannot count on the same long-term effect. But since the procedure is not too complicated, it will not be difficult to repeat it every couple of weeks.