eyelash extension effects

A charming look from under lush eyelashes is the dream of any girl. However, mother nature did not give everyone the desired volume and length of eyelashes. And in order to correct this situation and get closer to their ideal, women began to resort to the currently fashionable procedure of artificial eyelash extensions. But not everyone knows that after eyelash extensions, the consequences can be negative.

Consequences after eyelash extensions

There are two main methods for eyelash extensions: lash extensions and lash extensions. If you choose the first option, then the procedure takes a little time, you will be glued ready-made bundles of eyelashes, and such beauty will be worn for a week. And if you want to get the effect of lush eyelashes for a long time, then it is better to use the second method, where each eyelash is glued separately. However, some salons may offer other options.

But still, let’s figure it out together and find out what consequences after eyelash extensions we can expect:

  1. After removing artificial eyelashes, you will have to restore your own, as they become dull and weakened.
  2. Native cilia may break after removal, and the eyes will appear as if bald.
  3. You will have to give up steam baths for the face, waterproof mascara, greasy creams, going to the pool, as all this will lead to premature loss of eyelash extensions.
  4. If you have an allergy to adhesives or frequent manifestations of conjunctivitis, then extensions are completely contraindicated for you.

In principle, the eyelash extension procedure does not cause any particular harm and the consequences are not dangerous, while all of them are reparable with proper care. Therefore, if you decide to make your eyelashes a little more magnificent, take care of a good master, then the risk of getting any consequences will decrease significantly.