Eyebrows for a round face

The eyes are traditionally called the mirror of the soul. And what about eyebrows? Perhaps they can be called a reflection of our emotions and moods. And for a woman, eyebrows are also an indicator of how much she cares about her appearance, whether she strives to look well-groomed and attractive.

Neat eyebrows of a well-adjusted shape with any natural data will help you look impeccable. For a round face, the shape of the eyebrows is far from an idle question, and let’s thoroughly understand it.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows for a round face?

The round face is naturally quite wide, with a soft jawline and a rounded hairline. To bring its contour closer to the oval, you have to resort to certain tricks, and the eyebrow line will help a lot with this. The ideal eyebrows for a round face are broken, with a fairly high rise and a relatively short tail. Such eyebrows shift accents from horizontal to vertical, visually lengthen the upper part of the face and narrow it. The most unfortunate shape is round, or arched, which only adds roundness, repeating the outlines of the face.

It’s one thing to say, but how to draw beautiful eyebrows for a particular round face? It’s simple, you need to determine the three main points: the beginning of the eyebrow, its break and the end. For thisEyebrow shape for round face mentally draw a vertical line on the face passing through the outer edge of the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye (you can take a pencil and attach it to your face). The point of intersection of this line with the eyebrow will be its beginning (point A). We draw the second line – from the wing of the nose through the outer edge of the iris and to the eyebrow, where its breakpoint will be located (point B). The third line will also pass from the wing of the nose, touch the outer corner of the eye, and where it reaches the eyebrow, mark the point of its end (point C).

So we have determined the contours of the ideal eyebrows for a round face (see photo). The section from A to B is the brow lift, its main part, here its width does not change, and from point B to C is the tail, which gradually tapers. All hairs that go beyond points A and C are subject to ruthless removal, and if your natural eyebrow line does not reach them, you will have to draw with a cosmetic pencil or with a tattoo.

Creating eyebrows for a round face

Now let’s get down to practical steps. With tweezers, you need to pluck everything that protrudes beyond the points of the beginning and end of the eyebrow. You can double-check the starting point in another way: the distance between the eyebrows is approximately equal to two fingers. The width of the eyebrows for a round face is determined empirically, carefully removing one hair from the bottom and evaluating the result until it seems optimal to you. It is believed that the more expressive the facial features, the wider the eyebrows should be. Thin lines will adorn only young ladies with small features.

For convenience, you can first draw the eyebrows on the face with a dark pencil and paint over the extra hairs with white. A few rules for eyebrow correction:

  • never tweeze your eyebrows on the top edge, only on the bottom. Firstly, it is unlikely that it will be possible to give a clear contour to the upper border, and secondly, the removal of hairs directly above the eyes visually enlarges them, as if opening them;
  • do not give the tips of the eyebrows for a round face too sharp edges;
  • make sure that both eyebrows are symmetrical (by nature, they often have a different shape);
  • long hairs that bristle can be fixed with a special eyebrow gel or wax;
  • if the eyebrows are sparse, a pencil, eyebrow shadows or tattoo will come to the rescue;
  • the color of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the shade of the hair. Light brown and gray eyebrows are suitable for bright blondes, dark chocolate colors for brown-haired women, and only burning brunettes can afford black ones.

Well, and finally, pay attention to how charming the chubby stars look from the very top of the Olympus of show business: Cameron Diaz, Drew Bearrymore, Oprah Winfrey. And last but not least due to the correct correction of the shape of the eyebrows for a round face (photo).

Eyebrows for a round face photo