Expiry date of cosmetics

It often happens that, opening her drawer with decorative cosmetics, a woman finds shadows, mascara or powder that she has not used for a long time, but has not thrown away because the product could come in handy in the future. And now this moment has come – the “mineral” has been found, but the question arises, is it possible to use it, because several years have passed since the purchase?

Surely it would be redundant to mention what damage the missing foundation or lipstick can cause to the skin – it is already clear that experimenting with the effects of unsuitable chemicals on the skin of the face is not the best idea. Therefore, before you start using the found decorative products, you need to check the expiration date of cosmetics: sometimes it’s useful to do it in the store without leaving the counter, because unscrupulous or inattentive sellers who themselves do not pay attention to the expiration date of the products sold can always be found.

We determine the expiration date of cosmetics by code

Checking the expiration date of cosmetics using a code is complicated by the fact that different companies use different designations: for example, you can find the spelling of the month and the last digits of the year in the form of Roman symbols, and it is not clear which of them is the year (in the first decades it is easy to get confused), even more common is the cipher, which each company has its own. For example, 2012 may be labeled F for Mary Kay and N for Guerlain.

It is impossible to list the codes of all cosmetic companies for at least the next 5 years, so here are a few rules that are common to everyone:

  1. If the cosmetic has a digital encryption, then usually the first two digits indicate the year of manufacture, the next two – the day, and the last – the month. After that, batch numbers, international codes, etc. are indicated.
  2. If there are no digital designations, then it is better to consult with the seller – he is obliged to provide you with this information.
  3. A less convenient way to check is to use an expiration date calculator. This requires the Internet, because its essence is to enter on the manufacturer’s website the form of numbers indicated on the package, and then information about the release date and expiration date of the product is automatically displayed. Its inconvenience is that it is problematic to organize it when buying.

Expiry date of eye cosmetics

If the code is erased, then you need to rely on other data that will help determine if the product is missing.

Mascara expiration date. If there is no code, then the smell and consistency of the carcass must be taken into account: it cannot be used if it has a strong smell or is not as viscous as before. Mascara after opening is stored on average no more than six months. Liquid eyeliner is stored even less – about 4 months.

Eye shadow expiration date. When compact shadows crumble easily (if this has not been observed before), the color and smell have changed, this indicates that they can no longer be applied to the eyelids. Usually the shelf life of such cosmetics is from 2 to 3 years.

How to determine the expiration date of corrective cosmetics?

Cream expiration date. Liquid foundation is usually stored for about a year, and its subspecies cream-powder retains its qualities a little longer – up to 3 years.

how to determine the expiration date of cosmetics

Powder expiration date. Powder, like shadows, can be considered a long-liver among decorative cosmetics, because usually the simpler the composition, the longer the product retains its properties: for example, powder, mainly consisting of talc and pigment, can last about 3 years.

Deciphering the expiration date of lip cosmetics

Lipstick expiration date. Lipstick lasts on average no more than a year and a half, as well as lip gloss. Lipstick is often based on oils and fats, which, when spoiled, exude an unpleasant odor, so the risk of using expired lipstick is very small.