daily makeup for green eyes

Fair-haired girls who have green eyes are incredibly lucky, as this combination is recognized as one of the most spectacular. Properly selected makeup will emphasize the natural beauty and emphasize the eyes of this incredible shade.

Makeup selection rules

For a combination of blond hair and green eyes, there is a basic palette of colors, among which you can choose the most suitable for a particular girl. So, such shadows for green eyes and light brown hair are considered the best:

  • lilac;
  • purple;
  • green;
  • beige;
  • pink;
  • mint;
  • turquoise.

A good option would be to apply not one shade, but to combine two or three of them. At the same time, it is necessary to take care of their smooth transition.

Lipstick for green eyes and light brown hair should not be very dark in color. Definitely, plum and burgundy tones should be excluded.

The foundation should be as close to the natural skin tone as possible, and the eyebrow pencil should not be too dark.

But, at the same time, everyday makeup for green eyes and light brown hair is selected taking into account their specific shade. Depending on the features of the girl’s appearance, a slightly different color scheme may suit her. You can make such a conditional division of makeup options:

  1. The fair sex of a more “warm” type of appearance is characterized by green eyes and dark blond hair or having a slight golden hue. As a rule, in the summer season they are characterized by a beautiful tan. In this case, it can be advised to do as much natural makeup as possible. You can use shadows of such shades: ivory, peach, golden, light pink. Lipstick must be used in natural tones, light or pastel colors.
  2. If the girl has light blond hair, she can afford a colder tone when choosing shadows, as well as bright colors. Pretty bright make-up will look spectacular, even the use of bright red lipstick is not excluded.
  3. Day makeup should not be overloaded. Light brown hair and green eyes are perfect for an evening smokey eye make-up. Here you should use dark eyeliner and eyeliner. The result is a spectacular and extravagant makeup.