dragon tattoo

The dragon is the character of mythological stories, which is most often found in the images of tattoos. There are many interpretations of the meaning of a dragon tattoo and options for its execution. Chinese culture has had a particular influence on this image.

What does a dragon tattoo mean?

Now there are two types of tattoos with this creature:

  1. The first is a European dragon, which has wings and a body covered with scales. They are found in the tales of almost every nation and, as a rule, personify darkness, evil and the devil. They can be depicted as cartoon characters, fire-breathing monsters, in general, so that there is enough imagination.
  2. The second dragon is made in an oriental style, in which the animal resembles a snake, and its wings are missing. Such dragons symbolize the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. They can be both kind and cruel.

Chinese culture is closely associated with dragons. The throne of the emperor of many dynasties was called the “throne of the dragon”. During the Qing Dynasty, mythical creatures were depicted on the flag. A commoner could even be executed for wearing clothes with a dragon applied to them.

Chinese dragon tattoo

The distinctive features of the Chinese dragon are:

  • the presence of 117 scales on the body;
  • four paws, each of which has five claws;
  • the ability to fly despite the lack of wings;
  • serpentine body.

The main factor due to which such tattoos have gained great popularity is the ability to use imagination, the use of bold colors that make it easy to create a creative pattern.

In addition to the colorful design, tattoos can be made in black, shades of gray or a combination of black and red.

Since dragons are diverse, the background design can be just as diverse. Most often, the drawing of a dragon is accompanied by images of flames, medieval castles, mountains, flowers or clouds.

Regardless of the location and color of the tattoo, in the general case, it means magic, strength, power, nobility. Most often, the dragon means what you would like to look like in reality – independent and strong. Also, the tattoo reminds of the relationship of man with the environment, since dragons are the rulers of the four natural elements.

Dragon tattoo – meaning for girls

When choosing a tattoo design, you need to consider its location. Depending on where the image will be located, the optimal size of the tattoo is taken. In addition, the appearance of the dragon and its pose can tell a lot:

  1. When applying a tattoo on the shoulder, it should be remembered that if the dragon lies calmly with folded wings, then this indicates a state of peace of mind.
  2. If the body of the dragon is directed upwards, then this indicates good intentions and a positive attitude.
  3. If the dragon is pointing down, then this indicates negative intentions.
  4. The creature’s spread wings and bared teeth testify to the aggression of the owner of the tattoo, her dominance and hostility.

A dragon tattoo on the back is the best option. The back is a so-called canvas on which you can create a simply amazing picture.

It is not recommended to place a tattoo on the leg in the form of a dragon, since the area is rather limited, which does not allow conveying the whole idea of ​​the picture. It is better to use the shoulder blade or the middle of the back.

Girls most often prefer a colorful dragon tattoo, made in a fairy-tale style, and less often resort to applying black and white drawings.