day makeup for green eyes

Day makeup for green-eyed is one of the most interesting, because this eye color is not so common. But if you do the right daytime makeup, it will always look spectacular, because green eyes are very transformed and begin to “burn”.

Correct daily makeup for green eyes

To begin with, let’s look at some general rules for daytime makeup – unfortunately, not all girls know them. Often we try to make our appearance brighter, this is how we get too colorful and a little provocative makeup.

  • Already by the name you can understand that you will demonstrate makeup in daylight. This means that it is intended only to slightly mask the shortcomings, to a greater extent it is necessary to emphasize the merits.
  • Day makeup always involves the use of only light and pastel shades of shadows.
  • It is better to perform makeup in the lighting in which you will be during the day.
  • Try to choose the most natural colors for powder and foundation. For healthy skin, just a little powder on the face is enough. But problematic skin is not so easy to mask. But to cover the face with a dense layer is not worth it, it will only emphasize skin imperfections.
  • Properly selected eyebrow shape and clear lines always make the face younger and more well-groomed.
  • The tone of lipstick and lip gloss should be chosen natural and soft. It is desirable that the shades of blush and lipstick overlap.

How to do daytime makeup?

Day makeup for green eyes has its own subtleties, including some prohibitions:

  • For example, the use of blue or blue shades is not recommended. Using these colors will make the eyes cloudy and ruin them. Regarding pink shades, it is difficult to say unequivocally. Pink color, in principle, needs to be selected only by trial and error, and for green eyes it is completely impossible to predict the result. But if you really want to achieve the tenderness of the image, before doing daytime makeup for green eyes in pink tones, be sure to buy several different tones. It happens that even a slight discrepancy in shades of pink drastically changes makeup.
  • Try to avoid black eyeliner and pencil. To make a beautiful daytime makeup, use as few sharp transitions and color discrepancies as possible. It is better to use several shades of the same color and brown or chocolate eyeliner. Instead of jet black, it is better to give preference to gray-black mascara.

Beautiful daytime makeup for green eyes you can do more in a warm range of colors than in a cold one. This will make facial features and the whole image softer and more harmonious.

Here is a rough step by step tutorial on how to do daytime makeup for green eyes:

  • Apply a pearlescent or beige base shade all over the eyelid. Start at the lash line and continue to the brow area.
  • correct daily make-up

  • Apply peach-colored shadows to the area of ​​​​the moving eyelid. You can use a gentle gray-brown gamut. The main thing is to shade everything well.
  • Ink is better to use brown or gray-black. Leave black mascara for an evening look.
  • Apply blush in a soft natural shade. Lipstick is best replaced with lip gloss.

Day makeup for green eyes can be done in pale lilac, pearl and peach tones. For a more saturated and vibrant look, you can try applying shades of olive or taupe shades. Try to avoid silver, metallic and blue shadows. When doing makeup, always remember the golden rule: the emphasis should be placed either on the eyes or on the lips.