day makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes have always been considered the warmest and most inviting. If you choose the right daytime makeup for brown-eyed, few men can resist such a temptation. The fact is that brown eyes themselves are very bright and always attract attention, and if they are shaded with the right shadows, they reveal their full potential.

Day makeup for brown-haired women

During the day, the sun’s rays can at times enhance the color of the eyes and make them brighter. But at some points, the eyes can become dull. That is why it is necessary to select daytime makeup for brown eyes with special care.

Even without makeup, brown eyes are always bright, which means that it is very easy to overdo it with makeup. This should always be taken into account when choosing shades of shadows and their quantity. For light eyes, beige and hazel colors are suitable.

For brown-haired women, it is preferable to choose a burgundy lipstick, this will visually make the image brighter. You can apply lip gloss instead of lipstick. This is especially true if the makeup is done in more saturated colors.

Avoid hot pinks, terracotta, or overly pale colors. Bright tones will simply muffle the color of the eyes, and pale ones will not be able to set them off. Try to use not pearly, but matte shades. Dark purple, gray or silver, brown colors can be used in daytime makeup for brown eyes. But they should only shade the eyes a little and give expressiveness to the look, you should not apply them in several layers.

Day makeup lessons

The selection of colors and the method of applying eye shadow for makeup in this case is very important. Brown eyes are very eye-catching, so you have no room for error:

  • For light brown eyes, you can use shadows in brown or olive tones. The olive looks especially good on swarthy or tanned skin. For owners of black hair, you can try the experiment with blue shadows.
  • Owners of fair skin are better to give preference to bright and cold shades. For example, you can apply shades of aquamarine, light blue, cold greens.
  • Absolutely brown eyes will never be able to create a successful pair with orange.
  • It is very important to apply the chosen color in small portions. You need to shade carefully and carefully so as not to create the effect of dirt on your eyes.
  • Before applying daily makeup, be sure to take care of the appearance of the skin of the face. Bright and dark eyes will look advantageous only against the background of perfectly clean skin.
  • Numerous lessons of daytime makeup for dark eyes are in solidarity with almost everything, the subject of the dispute is only how to apply daily makeupmoment with the application of mascara. Most makeup artists still tend to think that mascara can be either black or brown. There are no hard limits here. Day makeup for brown eyes can be completed with brown mascara if your hair is light blond or warm straw. For brunettes, it is quite possible to use black mascara, but apply it in one layer and do it as carefully as possible.
  • How to make daytime makeup for brown eyes beautiful and spectacular? There is a rule that must not be broken: makeup must be done very carefully. It is due to such a bright eye color that it is very easy to make mistakes and create the impression of dirt on the eyelids.
  • Perhaps only brown eyes are allowed to do daytime makeup in darker colors than everyone else. But before you apply daytime makeup using saturated colors, take a good look at yourself in daylight. Your eyes will already attract attention, you can be sure. Too bright and saturated colors can make a daytime look ridiculous and vulgar.