day makeup for blue eyes

The main purpose of makeup has always been to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws. Almost always the basis of good makeup is the right choice of shadows and mascara. Blue eyes have always attracted with their depth and tenderness. The right daytime makeup for blue eyes will help make your eyes look bright, and your eyes will visually enlarge and “open”.

Everyday makeup for blue eyes

Everyday makeup for blue eyes has a few rules and tricks. If you follow these rules, you can easily avoid common mistakes and give your eyes brightness.

  1. Never use black colors. Day makeup for blue-eyed women should not include anything black or dark. For example, it is better to buy brown mascara, and leave black pencil or eyeliner for the evening. Opt for purples, blues, or grays instead.
  2. Shadows for daytime makeup. Day makeup for blondes is best done in light pink, gray, cream and pastel colors. It is not recommended to use a blue tint, it will visually “extinguish” the naturally bright and deep eye color.
  3. One of the secrets of daytime makeup is the technique of its application. It is best to use no more than 3 shades. It is better to apply light shades on the area under the eyebrows and on the inner corner of the eye. And it is preferable to apply darker shadows to the area of ​​​​the moving eyelid, the outer corner of the eye is the darkest and most saturated zone.
  4. Day makeup for blondes can be made brighter and more interesting with the help of eyeliner or eyeliner. The color of the pencil should match the color of the eyes as much as possible and be a tone darker. If you want to visually make your eyes brighter, highlight them, use a purple or gray pencil. So that the eyeliner does not seem too bright and defiant, it can be slightly “muffled” from above with shadows to match.
  5. Mascara. A very common mistake many girls make is using black mascara. In this case, eyelashes do not complement, but compete with makeup.
  6. During the day, makeup can lose its freshness and “float”. Here you can resort to the following method: the powder fixes the makeup well, after the shadows, gently powder the eyelids. This little trick will help you keep your makeup on throughout the day. Powder can be a little muffled and too bright makeup.
  7. Use a skin-colored powder, you can with a peach or pinkish tint. Since it is the eyes that attract the main attention, blush and lipstick color should be as natural as possible.
  8. A little trick will help to visually refresh the look and make it younger: apply a little corrector with reflective particles to the inner corner of the eye. On the lower eyelid under the lash line, gently apply a silver or white line. This will help enlarge the eyes and highlight the whites.

How to do daytime makeup for blue eyes: step by step instructions

Here is an approximate daytime makeup for blue eyes that does not require much makeup skills from you and does not take much time:

    day makeup secrets

  • First of all, properly even out the skin tone of the face. Pay special attention to the skin under the eyes, it is often dark circles that spoil the whole picture.
  • On the area from the lash line to the eyebrow, apply silver shadows.
  • We apply lavender shadows on the moving eyelid, try to shade everything well so that transitions are not visible.
  • On the area from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eyes, apply dark purple shadows. This will give a dramatic look and make the eyes bright.
  • Mascara can be used gray or brown.
  • Eyebrows can be emphasized with brown shadows or a pencil.