Cracked heels hydrogen peroxide treatment

Cracked heels are a fairly common problem that almost everyone has encountered. In this place, the skin is regularly exposed to various mechanical stresses and, as a result, if left untreated, it quickly dries out, coarsens, which leads to the appearance of cracks. Often very deep and painful. One popular remedy for treating cracked heels is hydrogen peroxide.

Features of the use of hydrogen peroxide for the feet

Hydrogen peroxide is primarily a disinfectant and hemostatic agent that can be found in any home first aid kit. Compared to other antiseptics (iodine, brilliant green), it has a much milder effect, does not cause a burning sensation, which makes its use for washing deep, painful cracks extremely attractive. On the other hand, while cleaning and disinfecting the wound, peroxide does not dry it out, which in some cases may turn out to be a disadvantage.

How to treat cracked heels with hydrogen peroxide?

The most common form of release of this drug is a 3% solution, which is most often used. But there is also peroxide in tablets, which is diluted at the rate of 1 tablet per tablespoon of water to obtain the desired concentration.

Foot baths with hydrogen peroxide


  • hydrogen peroxide – 4 tbsp. spoons;
  • water or herbal decoction – 1.5 liters.

Preparation and application

Peroxide is poured into almost hot (so that it can only be tolerated) water and feet are immersed there. In order for the water to cool more slowly, the basin can be dug up with a towel. The duration of the bath is from 10 (small roughness) to 25 (rough skin with cracks and corns) minutes. After the bath, the keratinized skin must be carefully cleaned off, and then smeared with ointment on the cracks to accelerate healing. Instead of ordinary water, decoctions of chamomile or calendula can be used, which have additional disinfecting and wound healing properties.

Bath for quick removal of keratinized skin


  • hydrogen peroxide – 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • salt – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • How to treat cracked heels with hydrogen peroxide

  • water 4 liters.

Preparation and application

First, prepare a water-salt solution and keep the legs in it for 7-10 minutes, after which they add peroxide and wait the same amount. After such baths, the skin on the heels softens greatly, and the stratum corneum can be easily removed. Due to the salt content, such a hydrogen peroxide bath is not used against deep cracked heels.

In addition, with deep painful cracks, before applying a healing ointment, a gauze compress with hydrogen peroxide can be applied to them. You need to keep such a compress until it dries completely.