Compact powder

Compact powder can be found in the makeup bag of most of the fair sex. Many women use compact powder to create a base for make-up and refresh their face throughout the day.

Today, almost all cosmetics manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture and sale of compact powder. In every cosmetic store, a woman is offered a choice of at least ten options for compact powder. The greatest demand is for cosmetics of well-known companies – compact powder Dior, Givenchy, Pupa, Chanel and others. Among all this diversity, every woman wants to choose the best compact powder for herself. In order to decide on a purchase, you need to know the basic properties and varieties of compact powder.

Benefits of using compact powder

With the help of a compact powder, you can easily and quickly touch up your makeup. The very name of the powder suggests that it is easy to use and can always be at hand. Compact powder can be used as a face tone and many women prefer powder to all sorts of foundations. Compact powder can provide an even and smooth complexion only if a woman does not suffer from dry skin. Otherwise, the powder will emphasize all the flaws. To avoid this problem, before using compact powder as a face tone, it is recommended to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

In addition, compact powder has the following properties:

  • removal of oily sheen and drops of sweat;
  • creating the effect of velvety skin;
  • creating the effect of dullness of the skin;
  • smoothing visible skin irregularities;
  • creating a uniform skin color.

Mattifying compact powder

Mattifying compact powder helps many women in the summer. It is an invariable attribute of a cosmetic bag for the fair sex with oily or combination skin. The main advantage of matting compact powder is its special composition. The composition of the powder includes special trace elements that narrow the pores of the skin, thereby reducing the release of sweat. All other components of the powder absorb and absorb any secretions, reducing oily sheen. The main components of matting compact powder are talc, zinc, salicylic acid, synthetic microparticles.

Some of the best products are: matting compact powder Сlinique, Dior, Guerlain. Reviews of compact powder from these manufacturers are extremely positive.

The mattifying effect, also, has >mineral compact powder. The compact mineral powder contains microparticles that do not clog skin pores. This ensures its durability and long-lasting matte effect of the skin. Today, Bourjois and Mary Kay mineral compact powder is in great demand. Compact cream powder

Compact cream powder

You can buy compact powder at any cosmetics store. Depending on the manufacturer and the properties of the powder, its price is determined. In any case, before buying a compact powder, you should read the reviews about it. Only reliable and proven products have won good reviews in our market of cosmetic products.