chest tattoo

Tattoos on the female body have not surprised anyone for a long time, but still they never leave anyone indifferent. Tattoo owners and those around them can regard the drawings on the body in different ways, because it is not always possible to unambiguously guess their meaning. Some perceive tattoos as a way of self-affirmation, others apply them solely for the purpose of decorating their body, emphasizing the beautiful curves of the figure.

Where can the tattoo be placed?

A fairly rare area for a tattoo in women is the chest. Bold and extraordinary natures decide to make a tattoo on their chest, who do not depend on the opinions of others and are not afraid of excessive attention to their person. But it is this zone that is quite successful for drawing drawings of any complexity and any size. The picture can be filled with:

  • over the chest;
  • under the breast;
  • side;
  • in the center.

As a rule, the soft part of the mammary glands is not affected, but some girls decide to tattoo even around the nipples.

By the way, a beautiful large tattoo on a woman’s chest can be an excellent alternative to breast reconstruction surgery after complete or partial amputation due to breast cancer. Many women have already decided on such an unusual way to regain their former attractiveness and hide scars.

Types of tattoo on the female chest

There are a lot of sketches for a tattoo on the chest of girls – from the simplest elementary patterns to complex compositions representing various subjects. The main thing that distinguishes a female tattoo on the chest from a male one is the variety of color palette, the elegance of lines, and elegance. But it should be borne in mind that in connection with pregnancy and age-related changes, the female breast is subject to deformation. Therefore, the choice of a pattern for a tattoo on the chest should be treated as carefully as possible, taking into account the recommendations of experienced tattoo artists.

Due to the close location to the heart, many put a tattoo on their chest as a kind of amulet, a talisman. In this way, the owner of the tattoo tries to protect herself from any manifestations of evil and attract happiness and luck to herself. There are special images that protect against damage, the evil eye, dangers that bring health, vitality, well-being, etc. to a person.

Be sure to keep in mind that the skin on the chest is very thin and sensitive. Therefore, after applying a tattoo, it is imperative to strictly follow all subsequent recommendations of a specialist in order to avoid possible complications.

Popular chest tattoo designs

Tattoo inscription on the chest

It can be either individual letters and numbers, or whole phrases and even verses. Most often, girls fill in the name of a loved one or loved one, memorable and significant dates in life, as well as phrases expressing a life credo. The language of the inscription can be any. Also, Japanese or Chinese characters are often chosen for tattoos, which adds mystery to a woman, because. often their meaning is practically unknown to anyone, except for the owner herself.

wings tattoo on chest

They symbolize freedom, sublimity, independence. It can be the wings of a bird, an insect, a mythical dragon or an angel – it all depends on personal preferences and the nature of the tattoo wearer. Some associate such images with religious beliefs.

heart tattoo on chest

It also has many variations. A tattoo with a miniature heart on the female chest looks very extravagant and erotic. Some girls get tattoos with a broken heart, with drops of blood or pierced with a dagger. Such images are associated with unhappy love, broken relationships.

Swallow tattoo on chest

It means freedom of spirit, devotion and fidelity, lightness and carelessness, change for the better. As a rule, swallows are depicted with open wings and combined with other drawings – clouds, stars, flowers.