cane tan

If a woman has a beautiful, swarthy, velvety skin, she feels more confident and attracts the eyes of many men. But what to do when the kiss of the summer sun is left behind, and harsh days lie ahead, which will give the skin a typical pallor and dryness?

cane tan

Cane tan, the name of a unique system that was developed by a group of specialists in the USA, allows you to get a beautiful even color. This procedure is very popular with world stars and celebrities, so it is also called Hollywood tan.

Cane tan gets its name from the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) it contains. It is a white powder that is obtained by extracting from sugar cane and sugar beets. Such a safe dietary supplement causes darkening of the skin without getting into the bloodstream.

Reed instant tan looks like a natural, but fades smoothly and evenly as the skin is renewed. Almost everyone can use it, as it has no contraindications.

The effectiveness of cane tanning

The benefits of cane tanning include that it:

  • does not cause allergies;
  • does not create neoplasms and skin burns;
  • evenly distributed on all areas of the skin and does not create streaks and stains;
  • does not stain clothes;
  • presented in a wide range of shades.

The effectiveness of cane tan is time-tested. As the practice of its use has shown, it gives the skin an excellent shade that lasts for a long time, while this method visually corrects the figure and well hides small skin imperfections, making the existing pigmentation invisible and evening out the overall skin tone. A distinctive feature of this method of creating a tan from going to a solarium is its safety and the possibility of independent use.

Cane tanning at home

If you want to have dark skin, it is enough to purchase a special cane tanning machine. To apply cane tan at home, you need a sprayer that has a turbine, a hose and a container for lotion with the right shade in its configuration. With its help, within 10 minutes, you can turn even the most swarthy and pale skin into perfect and flawless with a hint of tan. The resulting effect will last about 10 days, gradually and evenly becoming lighter.

The principle of operation of the tanning equipment is that under a stream of air, the DHA lotion is broken into tiny dust particles, which, upon contact with the skin, turn into an instant tan. The liquid bronzer spray is aimed at deep penetration into the skin, while clogging the pores, cane tanning at homethanks to which our skin breathes, does not occur.

Before starting the procedure, you must:

  • make a thorough peeling of the face and body, but not with moisturizing or nourishing products, since the skin must be degreased;
  • do not wear make-up or skin care products;
  • do not use deodorants and perfumes;
  • remove all jewelry;
  • apply a protective cream on the palms, nails, feet, knees and elbows.

After the cane tanning procedure, while the lotion is on your skin, avoid any contact with water, that is, not only do not wash your hands, but also do not drink water. It is better not to engage in any activity, as you may sweat. After 1-6 hours, it is necessary to wash off the bronzer residues from the skin with warm water, without using a washcloth or detergents. Remember that if you are a cane tan, you should not epilate.