body scrub at home

A body scrub is a must-have for any woman who wants to look good and stay young for a long time. To have a smooth, even and elastic skin, water procedures and the use of a cream are not enough, for this you should use a scrub once a week.

The use of this tool helps to get rid of the layer of dead cells that make skin breathing difficult and give the skin an unhealthy color. In addition, there is a deep cleansing of pores from impurities, excess sebum and sweat, tissue microcirculation improves, and metabolic processes are normalized. Regular use of the scrub allows you to activate the production of elastin and collagen by the skin, thereby achieving a lifting effect, smoothness and elasticity of the skin. In addition, the scrub helps in the fight against cellulite.

Body scrub recipes at home

It is absolutely not important to use store-bought products; if desired, an effective cleansing body scrub can be prepared at home. The advantage of such products is not only cheapness, but also a completely natural composition, which is especially important for those who have sensitive skin. So, here are some of the best homemade body scrub recipes.

Sugar body scrub at home

To make such a scrub, you will need granulated sugar and any fatty vegetable oil. It is best to use olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil or grape seed oil. For one procedure, you will need to thoroughly mix a teaspoon of sugar with the same amount of oil. You can also add a couple of drops of rosemary, tangerine or geranium essential oil, which will increase skin elasticity, improve lymph and blood flow, and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. This type of scrub is especially recommended for mature skin, but can be used at any age.

Salt body scrub at home

With the help of a salt scrub, you can not only cleanse the skin, but also smooth out unwanted bumps on the body with cellulite. In addition, due to the properties of salt, toxins and excess fluid are removed from the skin. This scrub is especially recommended for oily skin of the body. It is best to use sea salt, which is rich in minerals, but ordinary table salt, which is always on hand, is also suitable. If the salt is too coarse, you must first grind it. As in the case of sugar scrub, you just need to mix salt and fatty vegetable oil in equal proportions. You can also add your favorite essential oil, and for those with dry skin, it is recommended to add a little crushed oatmeal to the composition, which will moisturize and soften the skin.

Honey body scrub at home

A honey-based scrub is one of the best remedies for dry skin, as well as those with stretch marks and orange peel. But such a scrub will be useful for absolutely everyone (in the absence of an allergy to honey), because. body scrubs at home recipeshoney perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it silky. There are many variations of honey homemade scrubs. We will offer one of the most effective – honey scrub with coffee grounds. In addition to the above effects, such a tool tones and refreshes the skin well, gives a charge of vivacity to the whole body. When preparing such a scrub, thick honey and coffee grounds should be combined in equal amounts. And in order to get a whitening scrub at home, you need to add the same amount of fresh lemon juice or low-fat cottage cheese to honey and ground coffee.