bob haircut with bangs

There are two opinions about when the bob haircut was invented. Some say that this haircut was invented in ancient Egypt, others say that this haircut is more than a hundred years old. But, nevertheless, even now it is quite relevant. Women prefer bob haircuts with bangs for several reasons:

  • she is natural;
  • bob hairstyle is universal. Looks good on all hair types and has many variations;
  • haircut is practical. For styling does not require much effort, and the shape is maintained for the whole day.

A modern bob hairstyle with bangs is characterized by the presence of a large number of varieties, which depend on the length and shape of the styling.

Classic bob hairstyle with bangs

A feature of the classic bean are clear contours. The bob haircut is divided into a short bob with bangs and an elongated bob with bangs. This hairstyle with a thick cut looks stylish on straight shiny hair. Thanks to this haircut, you can easily become both an elegant business woman and a stylish fatal beauty.

A short bob with bangs can be chosen by those girls who want to make some bold innovation in their image, but do not dare to make a “boy-like” haircut. A short bob with bangs would be the best option here, as it is the middle between a bob and a garcon haircut. It looks advantageous both on young girls of 15-18 years old and on older women. Girls with an elongated face shape should choose a bob haircut with straight bangs, but chubby girls should choose a bob hairstyle with oblique bangs.

A variation of the short bob is a short textured bob haircut with long oblique bangs. This hairstyle is a trendy take on the classic bob. Due to its gorgeous layered bangs, the elongated bob hairstyle with long oblique bangs looks very chic and romantic. If such a creative haircut is supplemented with model styling, which is created using special texturizing agents, the hairstyle will look very creative.

Long bob with bangs

An elongated bob with bangs is nothing more than an ordinary square to the shoulders. In the traditional version, this hairstyle is offered with short bangs, but now stylists have come up with a lot of varieties of elongated bob haircuts with bangs of different lengths. It is very important in creating an image. With the help of bangs, you can highlight the dignity of the face and hide the flaws.

Therefore, when choosing bangs, you need to seriously pay attention to the characteristic features of the face and hair, and also not to lose sight of trends in the fashion world. An elongated bob with bangs is ideal for women with a large face. Such a hairstyle will require careful maintenance.

Depending on the hair color, a short bang brings its own zest to the image. For example, for owners of dark hair, a bob haircut with short bangs will give a more strict and restrained image, but for fair girls, on the contrary, perky and playful.

asymmetrical bob with bangs

Asymmetrical bob with bangs is one of the trendy hairstyles. This hairstyle is very feminine. Thanks to her, it will turn out not only to emphasize all the features of the face, but also to give you a romantic image. Such a haircut is designed for those fashionistas who are not afraid to be special, to attract attention. For its installation, different methods are used. The advantages of this hairstyle include its quick transformation into a classic bob.