Blush in balls

The classic dry blush has been replaced by creamy and gel blush, and the mono color has been replaced by a combination of different shades. Dry pressed blush has remained an unfading classic of the genre in one color. Ball blush is a classic transformed, the ability to create a natural blush effect by combining balls of different colors. The resulting blush will look natural, as the combination of different shades allows the color in the blush that is most similar to the woman’s natural skin color to stand out.

Of course, today there are “classic” dry blushes that combine different colors in one box, but due to the shape of such blushes, a large amount of excess pigment often remains on the brush. As a result, the blush turns out to be too saturated, and the consumption of blush almost doubles. Blush balls will never create the effect of a bright unnatural spot on the skin, because due to their shape they will not accumulate excess on the brush. As a result, blush is consumed much more slowly, and they last for a long time even with repeated daily use.

How to choose blush balls?

Shades of blush in balls are usually combined in two colors, for example, pink and beige. But there are also richer combinations. No matter how many shades the balls in blush differ in, there is always the main predominant shade – there are always more balls of its color. It is this predominant color that you should pay attention to when choosing a blush: it should match your natural blush. Of course, you should also pay attention to skin color and the overall range of blush. Girls with white porcelain skin should not choose blush with dark brown and brick red dominating balls. In the same way, pale pink and pale cream blush will not suit dark-skinned beauties.

How to apply blush balls?

It is usually enough to run the brush over the surface of the blush balls, and over lightly powdered skin. Blush balls provide an opportunity to create the desired shade by slightly more intensively brushing the balls of the desired color with a brush. Some girls prefer to crush balls of a certain color and apply them like loose powder, but still, blush balls were created for the optimal combination of colors, and such use of them negates all the above advantages of blush.