black and white tattoo

Perhaps every second representative of the fair sex would not refuse to get a tattoo today. It is stylish, original and, most importantly, a unique way to emphasize your individuality. As practice has shown, everyone who decides to decorate their body is faced with one problem: what to give preference to – a black and white or color tattoo. The choice, in fact, is not easy and very responsible, because it is much more difficult to remove a drawing you don’t like than to fill it. Therefore, everything needs to be thought out carefully and in advance.

The benefits of a black and white tattoo

Monochrome drawings on the body have a lot of advantages. Below are just a few of the main ones:

  1. Of course, the main advantage of a black and white tattoo over a color one is its cost. Indeed, it is cheaper to make a monochrome tattoo, but this does not mean at all that it is simple in execution and will look unpresentable.
  2. Some tattoos just can’t be done in color and any artist will tell you that. A striking example is ethnic tattoos. If you make them in color, the meaning of the picture will be completely lost.
  3. Another weighty argument is that a black and white flower tattoo will fade much longer than its colorful counterpart. And accordingly, the drawing does not have to be interrupted too often.

Original sketches of black and white tattoos

Any drawing can be made monochrome, and the absence of bright colors will in no way spoil the overall picture. After all, black and white photographs made all images monochrome. And what is characteristic – this type of photography remains popular to this day.

The aforementioned symbolic ethnic tattoos look best in black and white. Small or large, it doesn’t matter. For many, they really become amulets and help through life.

The most popular sketches of female tattoos are:

Sketches of tattoos depicting black and white flowers look great and self-sufficient. Made by a professional, they can look even better than multi-colored bouquets.

Representatives of the stronger sex prefer more brutal and large tattoos depicting wild animals, scenes from films, battle shots.

One of the most suitable places for a black and white tattoo is on the shoulder. In general, monochrome drawings look great on any part of the body.