bird tattoo

Bird tattoos are widespread and popular with both men and women. But the meaning of each particular tattoo differs depending on which bird is depicted there and, often, on which place the tattoo is applied. So, a swan usually means love and fidelity, an eagle – pride and independence, but a raven in some cultures is considered a symbol of wisdom, and in others a harbinger of illness. But in general, a bird is usually an auspicious sign, symbolizing freedom, vitality, striving for something.

Bird tattoo meanings

dove tattoo

As a rule, the bird is depicted with spread wings, soaring. For a dove tattoo, white is usually chosen, symbolizing purity and innocence.

Owl tattoo

This bird in folk beliefs has long been endowed with magical powers, was considered a symbol of wisdom and experience. Therefore, quite often a tattoo with the image of this bird is applied as a talisman, as a symbol of life experience and the desire for knowledge.

Phoenix tattoo

A mythical bird that burns down and is reborn from its own ashes. The history of this myth goes back to ancient Egypt. Phoenix is ​​both a symbol of immortality, development and the cyclical nature of life. It is also associated with the cult of fire and the sun. A tattoo with a phoenix is ​​considered a strong amulet, but according to legend, it is suitable only for strong personalities who are able to accept the cyclical development of the world, the fact that it is constantly changing, one comes to replace another, and at the same time constantly striving for development and self-improvement.

Firebird tattoo

Another fantastic fiery bird from Slavic mythology. The meaning of the firebird tattoo is largely consistent with the phoenix and symbolizes protection, health and longevity.

Crow tattoo

In many cultures, this bird symbolizes strength, wisdom and independence. But also such an image can be a symbol of a loner.

hummingbird tattoo

This little bright bird is usually worn by girls to emphasize brightness and originality.

Feather tattoo with birds

Quite common are both tattoos of a single feather, and with birds flying away from it, which mean lightness, weightlessness, the desire for freedom, something unusual, creative search.

Place of tattoo

bird tattoo on wrist

It will not be possible to apply a complex and large pattern on the wrist, since it is difficult to draw small details in this place. Silhouettes of birds are very popular for drawing in this place, sometimes a schematic representation of several flying birds. A well-made wrist tattoo looks very nice, but you need to take into account that it will not be possible to cover it up, and it will be put on public display.

bird tattoo on arm

Hands, perhaps, are most often covered with tattoos: here it is convenient to apply them, and demonstrate them, and hide them, in which case covering them with clothes. Men most often tattoo on the shoulder, but women usually prefer the area below the elbow, on the inside of the arm or wrist. A flying bird or feather looks more subtle and elegant here.

bird tattoo on body

Small tattoos that do not want to be too obvious, women often apply at the base of the neck. It is also quite common for a small feather tattoo with birds to be applied to the collarbone. Large tattoos are usually applied to the shoulder blades or lower back. The latter area is especially popular with women, but on the front of the body, unlike men, they rarely tattoo.

bird tattoo on legs

One of the most successful places for a female tattoo is the thigh. Here it is possible to place a successful drawing and give it volume. Another area where the swift silhouette of a flying bird can look good can be the ankle.

In general, when determining the place for applying a tattoo, you need to consider its size, whether you want small and traced details, and whether you are determined to show the tattoo to everyone around you or only a narrow circle of people.