biopolymer gel in lips effects

In the late 90s, lip correction was incredibly popular. Over the following years, this procedure did not lose ground, as girls and women of all ages wanted to give their lips volume and sexuality. Biopolymer gel was one of the first to appear in cosmetology clinics, and it was with the help of it that women corrected the natural shape of their lips. Advertising of clinics that carried out such a correction claimed that the gel had a lot of advantages, including safety and stability.

But today, information about the consequences of introducing a biopolymer gel into the lips is quite common. Therefore, women who decide to correct the natural shape of the lips think about whether it is worth agreeing to the use of this material.

Advantages of biopolymer gel

Despite a number of negative reviews, biopolymer gel has a lot of advantages, including:

  1. Does not cause rejection and inflammation.
  2. Does not change its structure under the influence of a decrease or increase in temperature.
  3. Does not cause the emergence and development of a malignant tumor.
  4. Allows you to smooth wrinkles around the mouth.

In addition, specialists who perform lip augmentation manipulations with a biopolymer gel assure that the effect after correction persists for 3-4 years.

Disadvantages of biopolymer lip gel

But, despite the declared advantages of the gel, today on the Internet there are often complaints that the lips are “blown away” one and a half to two years after the operation. Because of what, we can conclude that it is not as stable as beauty salons say about it.

After the shape of the lips is broken, the question arises that it is necessary to carry out a second operation or “pump out” the biopolymer gel and use another material. But this gel has one significant drawback: it grows into the tissues of the lips and biopolymer gelovergrown with connective tissue, so removing the biopolymer gel from the lips is a rather difficult task.

The second option is to fill the lips with gel again. But in this case, another problem appears: today this gel is practically not used, since other more effective materials have appeared on the market (Bolotoro, Surgiderm, and so on). Finding a specialist who could correct the shape of the lips using a biopolymer gel becomes much more difficult.

Therefore, women who face such negative consequences after lip correction with a biopolymer as sagging or “blown” lips turn to surgeons for help, who, with the help of a complex operation, completely remove the gel and restore their natural shape.