Bangs for an oval face

According to modern ideas about female beauty (and they are known to be quite changeable), an oval face is considered ideal. Owners of all other types tend to visually bring the outlines of the face closer to the oval, including with the help of bangs. Therefore, we can safely say that bangs of any length and shape are suitable for an oval face, and in this sense, girls with an oval face are the luckiest. It is necessary to take into account only the individual features of the structure of the skull, facial features and hair structure.

Straight bangs for an oval face

Long, from the top of the head to the very eyes, straight bangs have not gone out of fashion for several years. It goes well with long straight hair, loose on the shoulders or collected in a ponytail, as well as with bob haircuts. Such a bang gives some mystery and focuses on the eyes, especially if the bangs are thick.

But if your hair is slightly curly and does not differ in obedience, it will be problematic to style thick bangs without the use of an iron and smoothing hair products. In this case, choose a thin straight bang for an oval face (as in the first photo) or well-shaped, the length is up to you – short, to the level of the eyebrows or even longer. In the process of drying your hair, pull the bangs down with a brush, slightly twisting the ends inward.

Straight bangs can be completely laid on its side, divided into a straight or side parting. And also – decorate with small clips or add a hoop, which is again relevant. Layered, asymmetrical, and ultra-short haircuts can experiment by giving bangs a mischievous tousle with mousse and hairspray.

Oblique bangs for an oval face

Oblique bangs for an oval face

Slanted bangs are now more popular than ever, especially long ones. They are suitable for all types of faces, including oval. The edge of such a bang for an oval face (like Carrie Underwood in the photo) is usually cut in the form of a straight line, at a certain angle to the horizontal. She harmoniously looks with long straight hair, and with recalcitrant curls, and with any haircut. If desired, the edge of the bangs can be twisted inward or outward, with a kind of flirtatious whirlwind, or weave thin strands together – it will turn out beautifully and rather unusually.

Oblique bangs fit smoothly on the forehead, if necessary, smoothing agents are used. The exception is very short thinned bangs in combination with the same haircuts, they can be disheveled with a hedgehog. They give the impression of openness and energy and make the face look younger. Actress Halle Berry prefers such bangs for an oval face.

Unusual types of bangs for an oval face

With an oval face type and well-balanced features, you can afford the most daring experiments. For example, straight concave bangs framing the forehead with a smooth curved line. It gives femininity, softens rough features and a heavy chin. Another option is a convex arched bang for an oval face (see photo), in which the central part is longer than the side ones. Or a more extreme kind, triangular, with a sharpBangs for an oval face photo tooth in the center of the forehead.

Serrated bangs for an oval face are also suitable. Clear teeth of different lengths look quite unusual, most advantageous with dark hair. Another easy way to make classic straight bangs original is to leave a few strands that are significantly longer than the main line. The only disadvantage of these bangs is that they are suitable for straight hair.

It is impossible not to mention the edgy torn bangs, which look great with short sports and asymmetrical haircuts of different lengths in a youth style. They fit easily and are very popular with determined, active girls. Torn bangs for an oval face can also be combined with long hair, the ends of which are processed in an accentuated uneven manner, with a careless effect. Such bangs become a real salvation for girls with naughty and curly hair who find it difficult to cope with the traditional straight or beveled bangs.