Bangs for a round face

The bangs are the part of the hair that falls over the forehead. Its shape is important for the overall perception of the face, because it can draw attention to some features and veil others. Do bangs suit a round face? Of course! You can even say that it must be, because smoothly combed hair maximizes its natural roundness. But the task of bangs for a round face is to visually stretch the face and divert attention from its transverse dimensions.

Straight bangs for a round face

The simplest and probably the oldest form of bangs is straight, but it is not suitable for everyone. In the case of a round face shape, we can talk about two possible options:

  1. Straight bangs with torn edges. Perfectly harmonizes with medium length haircuts and long hair with graduated ends. This form of bangs for a round face requires some styling skills, but it involves several of its ways: laid straight with the selection of individual strands or their tips (gel, hair wax are useful here) or smoothly combed to the side.
  2. Smooth straight bangs for a round face. The option is more risky, especially if the hair is thick and heavy. But it is quite possible in combination with a bob no higher than the level of the chin, covering the face from the sides, or just long straight hair. True, much depends on the individual characteristics of the person. A long, thin bang looks good if it is parted in the middle or completely laid on the side.

Side bangs for a round face

Slanting bangs are one of the types of asymmetrical bangs, they are considered the best option for a round face shape. The line of such a bang is itself elongated and tends to angle down, and this allows you to advantageously shift the accents in the vertical direction. The length of the bangs can be any: short, with boldly protruding tips, medium or very long, half covering one side of the face. Thus, oblique bangs for a round face involve both a neatly trimmed, even edge, and a graduated, “torn” one. It all depends on your overall style and preferences.

There is also such a kind of bangs as peekaboo. This bang is so long that it closes the eyes (usually one), but also rare enough to see through it. An interesting option for oblique bangs for a round face, however, how comfortable it is in everyday life is up to you.

Other types of bangs for a round face

You can experiment with your look and try something more extravagant. For example, uneven bangs, which in turn can be either beveled or straight. It resembles a torn graduated one, but in it the strands have clearly defined boundaries and a clear difference in length. Such a bang can not even be styled at all, it already looks quite impressive. Back from the 90s, the fashion for a bang-curl, falling to one side of the forehead. A good option for chubby girls with wavy hair, but it’s not easy for them to choose the shape of the bangs.

Summing up, we can say the following: bangs for a round face should not be too thick, medium and long are optimal in length, and beveled or combed to one side in shape. Most girls with a wide face fit well-shaped bangs with graduated tips.

What bangs suit a round face

The shape of the bangs and features of facial features

A significant influence on which bangs suit a round face is the size, expressiveness and correctness of the features of a particular face. So, a straight long bang focuses on the eyes. If you can not boast of a beautiful cut of the eyes, do not stop at this option.

If nature has not endowed you with expressive facial features, you will definitely go for a multi-stage cascade-type haircut with ragged bangs. Create extra volume with perky, slightly tousled curls, and the most nondescript face will become sweet and pleasant.

It would seem that short bangs should visually lengthen the face and be ideal for chubby girls. But no, a short bang for a round face is not suitable, like a short haircut, because it focuses on the cheekbones and only expands the face. Round faces usually have a very low, flat forehead and look a little ridiculous with short bangs. The only possible combination is short ragged bangs and long hair covering the cheeks, and only if the eyebrows are beautifully shaped.