Bang extension

Beautiful girls who follow fashion and practice different modern haircuts may be faced with the desire to touch up their appearance. Modern beauty technologies come to the aid of fashionistas and offer not only hair extensions along the entire length, but also bang extensions.

When asked whether it is possible to increase bangs, salon experts give a positive answer. Extended bangs will not differ from natural hair, it can be dyed, highlighted, tinted.

Bang extensions can be helpful for:

  • girls who want to make their bangs thicker;
  • girls who do not have thick hair and do not want to cut their bangs, but dream of having a hairstyle with bangs;
  • girls who want to change the shape and length of the bangs, but do not want to wait a long time until their hair grows back.

How to grow bangs?

Hair extensions can be done in different ways. Naturally, as a result of bangs extension, no capsules or hair junctions should be visible. For this, Italian technology is used.

With this approach, the bangs are built up with the help of keratin capsules, which do not leave any traces after they are removed. There will be no kinks or unnatural transition from your own to artificial strands on your bangs. In addition, even lovers of curling and swimming in the sea can grow hair on bangs in this way. When using Italian extension technology, bangs will withstand any test.

After 2-3 months, it is necessary to correct the extended bangs. To do this, all artificial strands are removed, their hair is adjusted. If necessary, Extended bangsif your own length of the bangs does not suit you yet, the hair grows again.

Tape bangs extension

Tape bangs are most often used to create a creative image. You can grow bangs in this way to add strands of a different length, a different color to your own haircut.

The use of other extension technologies is not suitable for bangs. French extensions with protein capsules make the junction of natural and artificial hair visible.

If you are determined to build bangs, it is better to consult your hairdresser or beauty salon. The master will tell you the best way to build for your hair. Don’t forget to take proper care of your hair extensions. It is recommended to use special soft combs.