angelina jolie makeup

Angelina Jolie is a sex symbol and Hollywood star. Her clothing style and makeup always look natural and very noble, no matter what image the actress chooses. Fans of the star are fascinated by her feline grace, facial features and the ability to look perfect in any situation. Perhaps that is why many people dream of being like Angelina Jolie in everything. And if the presence or absence of grace in movements is given by nature itself, then facial features can be completely corrected with the help of competent makeup.

Angelina Jolie’s makeup is always restrained. Color accents are placed according to the classical technique: bright eyes – pale lips, bright lips – pale eyes. Jolie’s makeup is characterized by emphasizing her eyes. What cosmetics Jolie uses can be seen in the photo: natural shades, the absence of defiantly bright colors. This is how the image of an elegant and sensual catwoman is created.

To make up like Angelina Jolie, you will have to adjust the makeup rules of the actress in accordance with the features and type of your face.

So, let’s move on to creating makeup in the style of Angelina Jolie.

Aligning the tone of the face

The actress always has a perfectly even skin color. At the same time, the emphasis in her appearance is made precisely on the contrast of the skin and dark hair color. Therefore, it is worth abandoning foundation creams with a tint of tan and the fashionable technique of applying a shade a few tones darker than your natural color. But it’s also not worth “whitening” the skin either. The main principle is an even natural shade!

Angelina Jolie eye makeup

The famous effect of the “cat’s eyes” of the actress is achieved by observing a few simple rules:

  1. To make the eyes bigger, apply a little brown shadow on the evened surface of the upper eyelid. They need to be applied along the fold of the moving eyelid, while carefully shading. This creates the effect of large eyes with a mysterious look.
  2. Light beige shadows are applied to the most convex point of the upper eyelid. The resulting “point” must also be shaded as much as possible. This technique will help open up your eyes.
  3. Arrows are drawn with liquid black eyeliner (or a finely sharpened pencil). This stage should be taken seriously, because. it is the arrows that can transform the eyes as much as possible. You should pay attention to the fact that at the inner edge of the eye the arrows should be very thin, and expand as much as possible to the outer edge. There is no need to be afraid to strongly bend the tips of the drawn lines upwards – it is the strong bend that creates the feeling of such a feline cut of the eyes as Angelina’s.
  4. The eyelid under the eyebrow needs to be lightened, especially the outer third. This emphasizes the arch of the eyebrow.

Jolie Lip Makeup

To make lips look as plump, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Do not paint your lips with very bright lipstick. Lipstick and gloss with bright pigment create a clear contour that will emphasize the natural shape of the lips. And she rarely looks like the shape of Jolie’s lips.
  2. jolie lip makeup

  3. Before covering the lips with gloss, gently carefully tone them with foundation. After that, the contour of the lips is drawn, along the very edge, in order to maximize the volume, be sure to use a beige (flesh) color pencil so that the contour looks natural.

We correct the shape of the face

Jolie has an oval-shaped face with pronounced cheekbones. If your cheekbones are naturally pronounced, it will be enough to slightly emphasize them with blush. But most often it is required to “draw” the cheekbones on the face. To do this, blush should not be applied to the highest point of the cheekbones, but slightly lower, and gently shade. In addition to the cheekbones, blush can highlight the forehead and chin.